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5 Greatest Moments of ‘Our Beloved Summer’

Split into two timelines, this series chronicles the development and growth of a complex love story

Debashree Dutta Jan 14, 2022

Still from 'Our Beloved Summer' - Photo courtesy of SBS

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Our Beloved Summer reportedly Studio N’s first original series, is an ongoing South Korean romantic-comedy that premiered on SBS TV. Also streaming on Netflix, it’s based on the webtoon version of the same name. The drama is a vivid contrast between the past and present, between who the protagonists used to be and who they’ve become. While Yeonsu used to be a ‘no-nonsense stickler’, Ung was a ‘care-free slacker’. But at present, Yeonsu finds herself struggling at her job as the team leader of a marketing firm and Ung is more successful as the illustrator ‘Ko Oh,’ whose identity is kept a secret. The two timelines highlighting the love-hate relationship between Yeonsu and Ung are well portrayed as they fight and crave each other’s attention. Here are some of our favorite moments from this popular drama.

Ung Thinks He’s Dreaming

In the present day, Ung is overworking himself for an upcoming event. This leaves Yeonsu worried and leads her to his place to look after him. Ung is shown collapsed on a couch. When Yeonsu leans over him, Ung pulls her close and thinking he is dreaming again says, “ It’s you again, I must be dreaming again. I won’t fall for it. Yeonsu. I am in so much pain…” He goes back to sleep teary-eyed, leaving Yeonsu struck by his words.

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Yeonsu’s Realization

Yeonsu saying ‘I love you’ first sums up her true feelings. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder and jealousy always finds an expression. It’s really difficult to suppress your anger when you see your ex with someone else, especially when you still have feelings for the person. This scene is a perfect example of it.

Yeonsu Wants to Know if They are ‘Just Friends’

Ung and Yeonsu were high school sweethearts, they dated and broke up later without understanding each other as friends. Years later, the two are drawn to each other again but neither is ready to admit it. Yeonsu quite evidently has feelings for Ung and vice versa, but wants to know the truth from him. Will being just friends bridge the gap between the two of them?

Ung Confesses His Feelings

In the 11th episode, Yeonsu asks Ung about his feelings. She tells that being friends with him would be too hard to handle for her. After this declaration, Ung confesses he has missed her too. The revelation moves Yeonsu to tears. Ung says he resented her at first only to realize later that it was because he wanted her so badly. He wanted Yeonsu to be dedicated to him and love him the most. A crying Ung asks Yeonsu to keep loving him and never let him go.

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A New Beginning

The feelings between Yeonsu and Ung are mutual and so a second chance is a welcoming idea for both of them. When Ung confirms if they are dating again, Yeonsu says, “I hope we get along.” It’s pleasant to see the two fumble their way through various encounters, thinking of each other, worrying about each other, and getting anxious about ruining possibilities they’ve been longing for.

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