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5 New K-pop Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

From rookies to icons and rising stars, here are a few tracks that have caught our eye over the past few weeks

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 16, 2020

(G)I-DLE's game-changing new single "Oh My God" is a complex and powerful track. Photo: Courtesy of Cube Entertainment

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1. “Oh My God,” (G)I-DLE

Rising stars (G)I-DLE’s game-changing new single is a complex and powerful track, featuring themes that hint at same-sex relationships, Biblical imagery, one’s relationship with God plus self-confidence and ambition. Produced and written by the group’s leader Soyeon, the track pairs urban hip-hop with 808 bass and heavy synth drops. Since its release on April 6th, the track has gone on to draw in over 61 million views on YouTube, its dark appeal setting a new record of success for (G)I-DLE.

2. “Spring,” MCND

This rookie group brightened up the scene with their breakout hit “Ice Age” in March and deliver an equally vibrant comeback with “Spring.” Set to an uplifting trap beat, the track is a cheerful anthem about having confidence in oneself and encourages listeners to keep fighting to achieve their goals no matter what.

3. “Chocolate,” Max

Veteran K-pop icon Changmin of TVXQ finally made his Korean solo debut as Max, wowing long-time stans and new with the sleek and sexy “Chocolate.” Infused with saucy touches of saxophone, the neo soul track was produced by Yoo Young Jin and Thomas Troelsen who were also behind TVXQ’s groundbreaking 2008 hit single “Mirotic.” Max impresses with his outstanding high notes and smooth choreography as he sings about craving chocolate–a metaphor for an addictive romantic attraction.

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4. “Red Sun,” Dreamcatcher

This highly underrated girl group never disappoint; they’ve delivered banger after banger with each comeback and “Red Sun” is no exception. Although a b-side on their first studio album Dystopia: The Tree of Language, “Red Sun” caught our attention due to its haunting, sexy and immersive take on trap–a deviation from Dreamcatcher’s usual rock-heavy sound.

5. “Break All The Rules,” Cravity

Rookie boy group Cravity made their debut earlier this week with the dramatic synth-led “Break All The Rules,” determined to stand out in the ever-growing K-pop scene. In addition to being the brother group to Monsta X, the nine-member group have even more eyes on them thanks to the presence of Minhee and Hyeongjun, both of whom were members of the now-disbanded but highly successful X1.

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