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5 New Korean Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

This week’s playlist includes music from Sogumm, ONEWE, WEi and more

Riddhi Chakraborty Oct 06, 2020

UP10TION perform "Light"

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“yayou hoi” by Sogumm feat OHHYUK

This playful single from R&B artist Sogumm uses creative blends of bossa nova, lo-fi and dreamy alt rock to create a track that transcends genres. Sogumm and rocker OHHYUK each have unique vocal tones that suit each other in their depth and make for an immersive listening experience. The music video is absolutely bonkers and features both artists on an out-of-this world date through what seem like animated alternate dimensions.

“Twilight” by WEi

This six-member boy group made their much-anticipated debut this week with the acoustic pop single “Twilight.” WEi features members of past Produce 101 groups Wanna One (Kim Donghan) and X1 (Kim Yohan) to name a few. Leader and rapper Daehyeon however makes a particularly striking impression with his spitfire verse halfway through the track.

“Light” by UP10TION

UP10TION returned with the funky and sleek single “Light” which hits hard with a heavy future bass chorus. The music video sees the group take on a sexier, elegant avatar. This is also UP10TION’s first comeback as a septet without members Kim Woo Seok, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Jinhoo.

“Parting” by ONEWE

Rock quintet ONEWE deliver moody vibes on their new track “Parting,” a song about the end of an intense relationship. Frontman Yonghoon delivers some beautiful vocal moments on the bridge but its rapper CyA who boosts the track onto the next level while lead guitarist Kanghyun’s solo balances angst and anger with perfection.

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“Sand Castle” by UNVS

This highly underrated rookie group deserve a little more love, especially with their latest single “Sand Castle.” While the pop-EDM track isn’t as intricate as some of their previous releases from the year (definitely give their dark and heady R&B single “Solar Eclipse” a listen), it’s a great vibe to end summer with.

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