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5 New Korean Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

MAMAMOO’s Solar, GOT7 and Katie are some of the artists who have captured our attention this week

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 25, 2020

R&B star Katie returns with a compelling new release titled "Echo,' a dynamic and haunting track that expands her journey through futuristic soul.

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1. “Not By The Moon,” GOT7

Produced by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young, “Not By The Moon” is a trap and synth number which explores a much darker, complex soundscape for GOT7. There’s a heaviness in the production that we haven’t seen before and follows the elegant, darker path the group took on their previous comeback with 2019’s Call My Name EP. The video is a glorious array of mystery and romanticism, delving into themes of royalty, astronomy and magic, setting the scene for their new EP Dye.

2. “Spit It Out,” MAMAMOO’s Solar

Co-written by Solar and producer Kim Dohoon (who also produced the single in collaboration with veteran rapper Sleepy), “Spit It Out” is a fearless track about self-confidence and success. Solar expresses pride in herself for becoming a successful artist who many people listen to and cherish. She takes her haters apart, assuring them that nothing they do will come in the way of her climbing to the very top. In terms of sound, “Spit It Out” explores a dark pop and Latin pop blend, keeping the bass and percussion toned down to highlight Solar’s exceptional vocal range

3. “Echo,” Katie

R&B star Katie returns with a compelling new release titled “Echo,’ a dynamic and haunting track that expands her journey through futuristic soul. The singer-songwriter pairs sad minor chords, synth loops and light rhythmic verses with her breathy vocals. The video (produced by the same team behind the outstanding visuals of her debut single “Remember”) is reminiscent of a high-fashion look-book–models and dancers shift from scene to scene dressed in vibrant, crisp clothing against the backdrop of the Californian desert.

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4. “Movies,” DeVita

Charismatic singer-songwriter DeVita is the latest addition to hip-hop label AOMG’s star roster, wowing audiences with her smooth R&B, sharp gaze and badass attitude. “Movies” keeps it simple with a piano and trap-synth, making DeVita’s vocals the true star. The visuals keep it simple with DeVita performing in a white room, but samples of gunshots blend seamlessly in the pre-chorus, giving “Movies” the cinematic push we were waiting for.

5. “Lalallilala,” April

Girl group April made their much-awaited comeback with  “Lalallilala,” a bright synth-pop number that compares love to the number of stars in the galaxy. The music video features the members roaming a mysterious and colorful space station together, attempting to escape the facility. Scenes of them exploring the space station are interspersed with uplifting choreography.

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