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5 New Korean Releases You Need to Have On Your Radar

Women dominated the Korean music scene this week with powerful releases from Chungha, Bibi, GWSN and more

Riddhi Chakraborty May 02, 2020

R&B artist Bibi in the music video for "Kazino."

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1. “Stay Tonight,” Chungha

Pop diva Chungha makes a power-packed comeback, diving right into deep house and funk with her new single “Stay Tonight.” The choreography-focused music video is a rush of glitter, hair flips and armies of male and female dancers clad in high heels as they follow Chungha’s sharp moves. It’s all rather reminiscent of icons like Madonna, BoA or Lady Gaga and “Stay Tonight” does a great job in cementing Chungha’s rise as a solo artist to be reckoned with.

2. “Nonstop,” Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl are a breath of fresh air with the joyous “Nonstop,” a tropical house-meets-trap number about “heart-fluttering” love. The music video is a glorious CGI board game trip through various pink-toned fantasy lands, one for each member. It’s a cheerful and endearing release, definitely perfectly suited to lifting anyone’s mood during these hard times.

3. “Kazino,” Bibi

R&B artist Bibi takes on a femme fatale avatar in the dark video for her latest comeback, navigating the seedy underground crime world to rescue a victim kidnapped by the syndicate. Don’t miss the cameo by hip-hop legend Tiger JK, the boss of the syndicate who Bibi manages to take out before completing her mission. The gritty trap-synth track sees Bibi show off layers of vocal harmonies as well as prowess for rap. “Kazino” is about taking risks and uses gambling as a metaphor to convey the same.

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4. “Bazooka!,” GWSN

GWSN’s “Bazooka!” is elevated bubble gum pop at its best–splashes of EDM build elegant levels and the members voices soar with cheerful harmonies. It’s uplifting with the right amount of edge thrown in thanks to rapper Miya’s deeper tone. The video keeps it simple, dousing the girls in neon as they show off their fun choreography.

5. “Ridin’,” NCT Dream

NCT Dream prove they’re ready to grow up and dream big with their latest comeback. “Ridin’” is a dynamic blend of urban trap and pop and sees the members show off more rap, deeper vocals and complex falsettos. The lyrics, co-written by rapper Rick Bridges (X&), are about NCT Dream’s ambitions to climb higher and achieve more success as artists. The video is largely choreography-focused–the members of NCT Dream show off smooth dance moves and pose next to sleek cars and bikes on neon-lit sets, keeping in tandem with the track’s title.

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