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5 New Korean Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

From Dreamcatcher, AleXa and IN2IT’s collaboration to comebacks from ASTRO, DAY6 and TXT, here are a few tracks that have our attention right now

Riddhi Chakraborty May 20, 2020

IN2IT, AleXa and Dreamcatcher in the video for "Be The Future."

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“Be The Future,” Dreamcatcher, AleXa and IN2IT

This feel-good pop track spearheaded by online platform Millenasia is part of an initiative to spread awareness about the importance of social distancing and hygiene in the time of COVID-19. Featuring K-pop artists AleXa, IN2IT and Dreamcatcher, “Be The Future” works like an anthem of encouragement and instruction to remind listeners to keep their hands washed and masks on and observe social distancing.

“Zombie,” DAY6

Rock band DAY6 made their much-anticipated comeback with the emotional new single “Zombie.” The alt rock track is a heartbreaking look into the effects of loneliness on a person’s life and describes the existential crisis many of us experience when our days become too monotonous. A pretty frank but relatable outline of depression.

“Knock,” ASTRO

On their latest single “Knock,” ASTRO pair their powerhouse vocals with dark synthpop to tremendous effect. The music video is a dreamy leap into space with the sets defying gravity and planets revolving around the members as they perform their dynamic choreography.

“Who Dis?,” Secret Number

A girl group definitely worth keeping your eye on, Secret Number debuted earlier today with “Who Dis?”, a saucy track about self confidence, announcing their entry into the industry. The upbeat track stands out thanks to its funky blend of brass instruments with trap and pop that gives it a distinct celebratory vibe.

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“Can’t You See Me,” TXT

“Can’t You See Me” sees TXT take on a darker avatar than before, expanding on the story of friendship portrayed in their previous releases but with a focus on the sorrow that friendship–like any other relationship–can deliver.

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