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5 New Korean Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

From Tiger JK to Victon and Kim Woo Seok, here are some of the artists we currently have on repeat

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 03, 2020

Victon in the music video for "Mayday."

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” Tiger JK feat. twlv

Veteran hip-hop super star Tiger JK returns with a smooth R&B track about lost love and the pain that follows a bad break-up. Featured on the track is Korean R&B artist twlv, who absolutely stuns with his mellifluous vocals.

“Mayday,” Victon

Victon go dark on their new alternative R&B and trap-heavy track “Mayday.” It’s theatrical in every single aspect with its gritty, post-apocalyptical visuals, sexy choreography and desperate lyrics that call out for help to be rescued out of a dangerous relationship.

“2NIGHT,” Moon feat. Vince

This electronic-R&B blend is an instant earworm thanks to Moon and Vince’s highly compatible, silky vocals. With a base beat that centers on deep house a la Daft Punk, “2NIGHT” is a chill journey back to electronica scene of the late Nineties and early-2000s.

“Red Moon,” Kim Woo Seok

Possibly the sexiest K-pop debut of all time, “Red Moon” is a highly dangerous introduction to Kim Woo Seok. With seductive gazes into the camera, suggestive dance and breathy vocals that send a chill down the spine, the former X1 member definitely makes a lasting impression that’s wholly his own.

“Fadeaway,” Jvcki Wai, Coogie, Paloalto, The Quiett, Bassagong

One of the most ambitious crossovers of 2020, “Fadeaway” sees some of the coolest names in Korean hip-hop come together to spit fire on a trap beat. Centered around rapper Jvcki Vai’s unique high-pitched voice on the chorus, each rapper comes in one by one with old-school hip-hop flexes about their skills, the brands they wear and pop culture references.

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