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5 New Korean Releases You Need To Have On Your Radar

This week we’re listening to tracks by BIBI, 1TEAM, DEAN and more

Riddhi Chakraborty Aug 10, 2020

BIBI in the music video for "Cigarette and Condom." Photo: Courtesy of Feel Ghood Music

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“Cigarette and Condom” by BIBI

Rapper BIBI’s latest release is a refreshing look at womanhood and being an adult. On “Cigarettes and Condom” she takes full control over her sexuality and relationships, addressing her desire for casual sex with a frankness that usually only male artists display on their tracks. The music video is bubbly, pink and filled with cheeky imagery, complementing BIBI’s fearless and quirky artistry.

“Ullaeli Kkollaeli” by 1TEAM

Undoubtedly one of the wackiest releases of the year, 1TEAM’s “Ullaeli Kkollaeli” is a pop-rock track elevated by its hilarious music video directed by South Korean filmmakers Zany Bros. In the clip, the five members play ridiculously dramatic versions of traditional and classic Korean games, mixing culture with comedy for a charming feel-good result.

“9Lives” by Hyolyn

Korean R&B vocalist and dancer Hyolyn delivers a heart-wrenching new English track titled “9Lives” about love, art and growing up. The music video is a simple dance duet between her and a young girl who represents her younger self. In the clip, Hyolyn argues with and comforts her younger counterpart while delivering powerful contemporary dance moves and soaring vocals.

“Sukhumvit Swimming” by ONF

ONF don a space cowboy aesthetic in the music video for their new single “Sukhumvit Swimming,” setting off on a vibrant, interplanetary journey. Despite the blend of old-Western-meets-science-fiction in the stylisation of the video, the track oozes breezy, reggaeton vibes that’s completely different from the dramatic dark synth and trap ONF are usually known for.

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“Breath” by DEAN, Rad Museum, Mokyo

Korea’s prince of R&B DEAN makes a strong comeback with the immersive new single “Breath” which also features R&B artists Mokyo and Rad Museum. The track is also Rad Museum’s first major release in two years. Each of the artists show off their smooth vocals on hair-raising harmonies set over dreamy, lo-fi, minimalistic instrumentals. “Breath” is also Mokyo’s first release as an artist under DEAN’s label you.will.knovv.

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