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5 Unforgettable Moments From BTS’ Muster SOWOOZOO 2021

From water wars to long-awaited live performances, here are our favorite moments from the global superstars’ anniversary show

Oysmita Majumder Jun 14, 2021

Photo: Courtesy of Big Hit Music

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After two simultaneous days of online concerts, BTS’ 2021 eight anniversary Muster SOWOOZOO celebrations–complete with surprising setlists, jaw dropping stage deisgns and power-packed performances–have finally come to an end. We take a look back at five of our favorite moments from the show.

5. Expect the unexpected

Muster SOWOOZOO 2021 proved to be an auditory treat for the group’s fans with a unique setlist featuring new hits but also tracks the band don’t perform live to often. Apart from smash hits like “Dynamite” and “Butter,” the septet also surprised the audience with some of their older songs, including, “You Never Walk Alone,” “Moving On” and “Wishing On A Star.”

4. Connecting with ARMY

When the group walked down to the audience area in the empty Seoul Olympic Stadium, they were met with a make-shift crowd comprising hundreds of screens, each displaying a fan waving their ARMY bomb. The members of BTS chose to deliver an emotional and long-awaited live performance of their 2020 track “Dis-ease” while standing amidst the screens and waving back at their ARMY.

3. The “Chicken Noodle Soup” Party

Towards the end of their OT7 rendition of j-hope’s hit release “Chicken Noodle Soup,” BTS took turns coming to the centre stage to freestyle the choreography, with the rest of the members and backup dancers hyping them up. The entire sequence was extremely fun, upbeat and lighthearted.

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2. Water wars galore

What began with Jung Kook chasing V to dunk water on his head on Day One of Muster, turned into a mini-water war with all seven members on Day Two. BTS armed themselves with bottles and launched a hilarious attack on each other while performing their 2018 hit “So What,” sending their fans and on-ground staff into peals of laughter.

1. “Daechwita”

BTS’ seven-member rendition of SUGA aka Agust D’s 2020 track “Daechwita” was definitely the most iconic moment from the 2021 BTS Muster SOWOOZOO. The group donned traditional Korean clothing from the Joseon Era and took turns to rap each verse of “Daechwita” amidst a recreation of the original set design from the music video. Apart from all the members nailing their individual parts and doing SUGA’s track justice, the live performance featured comical mini-skits and Easter eggs (like the caricature of HYBE CEO Bang Si-Hyuk from the original music video.)

Muster SOWOOZOO ended on a cliffhanger with a two-minute-long fictional newsreel. With RM and Jin mimicking broadcast journalists, the clip dissected a breaking story originating from Seoul, South Korea, where an unidentified object (visually represented by a levitating purple-hued BTS logo) was spotted outside HYBE‘s newly built headquarters in Yongsan. In traditional news hour spirit, the clip concluded with a weather report by Jimin, who linked the rise in temperature in Korea to the recent events and promised to return with the reason behind the spike in temperature at midnight KST.

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Following the events described on the newsreel, at midnight KST Big Hit Music announced the release of BTS’ CD single version of the group’s latest hit “Butter” on July 9th– a day widely celebrated as the anniversary of BTS ARMY. To double the celebration, the CD will also include a new track “aimed at spreading BTS’ positive energy.” Pre-orders for “Butter” CD single are set to begin from June 15th.

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