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6 K-pop Artists Who Also Moonlight as DJs

These idols dabble in everything from progressive house, trap and electronica-meets-djent

Riddhi Chakraborty Jul 31, 2018

Monsta X's vocalist Hyungwon aka H.ONE performing at Ultra Korea last month. Photo: Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

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Big Bang’s Seungri

Veteran group Big Bang’s youngest member Seungri has built quite a reputation as a talented DJ, performing regularly at some of Korea’s biggest nightclubs and at Big Bang’s concerts. The vocalist completed his ‘Seungriseyo DJ Tour’ through Japan earlier this year and has collaborated with the likes of Norwegian producer Alan Walker. Seungri is also part of Sony Music’s EDM record label Liquid State whose roster includes Walker and American electronic artist ZHU.

NCT’s Johnny

This NCT rapper first truly got to show off his skills via “Nightmare,” a collaborative track with Korean nu-metal instrumental quartet Inlayer, which combined electronica, djent and hip-hop. Johnny is known for his scratching, electro-house and hip-hop mixes and has performed live at events like Spectrum Dance Music Festival (in 2016) and K-Con Mexico 2017.

Monsta X’s Hyungwon aka H.ONE

Although he has displayed his skills as a DJ during a few of Monsta X’s concerts, Hyungwon gained a massive amount of attention last month for his stellar set at Ultra Korea. The vocalist and dancer shocked many fans by unleashing his enigmatic DJ persona H.ONE at the show, along with a penchant for prog house and trap remixes.

Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon aka DJ HYO

The singer and dancer has been honing her skills as a DJ and producer for several years, even appearing on the reality DJ show Mash Up in 2015 to learn more about the art. As DJ HYO, Hyoyeon navigates away from the bubblegum pop of Girls Generation, but maintains a similar brightness in her deep house sets. Her track “Sober,” released in April this year, was her debut as an EDM producer and saw her collaborate with Dutch-Turkish DJ Ummet Ozcan.

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South Club’s Nam Taehyun

When K-pop idol-turned-rockstar Nam Taehyun isn’t jamming with his alt rock band South Club, he’s DJing in some of the most prominent night clubs in Seoul or dropping surprise EDM tracks on his Soundcloud. The vocalist, previously a member of the K-pop group WINNER, is known for his haunting strains of rock-meets-deep house and menacing self-produced acid house.

ZE:A’s  Moon Junyoung aka ZE:After

ZE:A’s leader Moon Junyoung has been DJing as ZE:After since 2014, making it a full-time career after his group ZE:A went into hiatus in 2017. Moon has made his presence felt in South Korea’s nightlife circuit thanks to his brand of bright pop remixes, perfect to pump up the energy at any party.

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