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6 Korean Male Actors Making A Comeback In 2022

K-drama lovers have a lot to look forward to. From Lee Minho to So Jisub, many popular names will be returning to the screen soon.

Debashree Dutta Feb 01, 2022

Photo courtesy of KBS/SBS/tvN

Kim Woobin

After a long hiatus post Uncontrollably fond, Kim Woobin is returning to the small screen with multiple projects. He will share screen space with Esom in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi series, Black Knight. Set in the future, Black Knight narrates the story of an unbreathable world in 2071 when only one percent of the human race has survived. social distancing has been firmly established in the deserted lands of Korea. Kim Woobin will be seen as the legendary delivery driver called ‘5-8’ with exceptional fighting skills alongside refugee Sawol who wants to emulate his career path. Besides, another anticipated drama, Our Blues dropping this year will have Kim Woobin as the romantic ‘Captain Park Jungjoon’ who’s in love with ‘Lee Youngok’, a highly skilled diver played by Han Jimin.

Lee Minho

Amidst all the buzz about the release of Pachinko, the Apple TV+ original, Lee Minho dropped a post on his Instagram feed with a still of ‘Ko Hansu’, his character from the series with the caption “#Pachinko hi hansu”. This not only came as a sweet surprise to the fans and viewers but also validated, the wait is over and Pachinko is finally releasing, very soon for that matter. For the first time, the actor will break his image as the quintessential romantic hero and play the bad guy. Penned by Min Jinlee, ‘Pachinko’ is a popular novel of the same name. It is a profoundly told love story of teenage ‘Sunja’, the adorable daughter of a poor fisherman whose unplanned pregnancy with a rich stranger (played by Lee in the show) brings shame to the family. Sunja discovers bitter truths, decides to abandon everything and marry a gentle, sickly minister, and moves to Japan. All this and much more sets a dramatic saga that resonates through the generations.

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So Jisub

So Jisub, last seen in My Secret Terrius in 2018, is coming back to the television as Dr. Lawer. The MBC drama follows genius surgeon ‘Han Yihan’, who specializes in general and cardiothoracic surgery. One day a failed surgery changes Han’s life forever. While he knew that the operation went well, the patient died revoking Han’s medical license. Years later the doctor is seen working as a medical litigation lawyer dedicated to punishing people for medical malpractices. He also tries to unfold the truth behind his former patient’s death. In this attempt, he is joined by a fellow prosecutor (Im Soohyang) who turns out to have lost a loved one in the same surgery.

Dr.Lawyer – Photo courtesy of HanCinema

Lee Jongsuk

This South Korean superstar is all set to make his comeback on the silver screen and the television screen with Decibel and Big Mouth. He is one of the main characters in the much-talked-about Korean action flick Decibel, where he is an honest and loyal navy captain. The plot talks of a sound-sensitive bomb that mysteriously surface in the heart of the city. ‘Kang Doyoung’, the Navy commander along with others from the defense fraternity and a journalist team up to save the city from this chaos. Besides Decibel, Lee Jongsuk will appear in the upcoming K-drama Big Mouth opposite Girl’s Generation’s YoonA. Lee will essay the character of ‘Park Changho’, a lawyer who undertakes a murder case putting his life on the line. In due course of the investigation, he learns to be evil to fight the evil for himself and his family.

Still from Decibel: Photo courtesy of East Dream Cynopex


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Popular K-pop idol and actor D.O (EXO), aka Do Kyungsoo will mark his comeback to KBS this year after a prolonged gap of seven years through the drama True Swordsmanship. It revolves around ‘Jin Jung’, an ill-mannered yet gem of a prosecutor, up against crime and corruption. He’s curt, rough, a tough taskmaster, and won’t bat an eyelid or flinch to secure justice to the weak and the victims. D.O will also star as the main juggling character in several films this year: As an astronaut in The Moon, as a pianist in Secret, and as Private ‘Wong Dongyeon’ in Along With the Gods 3.


 Woo Dohwan

After his mandatory military service, Woo Dohwan is all set to return to the screen with the upcoming Netflix series, the webtoon-based K-drama Hunting Dogs (Bloodhound). Woo will portray ‘Gun Woo’, a talented boxer who turns into a bodyguard to pay off his mother’s debts.