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6 Korean Online Variety Shows to Make Quarantine a Little Brighter

Going a little stir-crazy while riding out the coronavirus? Here are a few hilarious, emotional and highly entertaining shows we recommend

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 19, 2020

The most-viewed episode of Pikicast's YouTube show 'After Mom Is Asleep' is the one starring GOT7.

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Sitting at home for days on end can get boring real quick, so as we settle in for the long haul to ride out the havoc caused by COVID-19, here are a few Korean variety shows that’ll lift your spirits. From megastars BTS’ own show RUN!BTS to hilarious online series like After Mom Is Asleep and performance-based shows by Dingo Freestyle, there’s something here for everyone.

Pikicast’s After Mom Is Asleep (YouTube)

This is one of the most unique and hilarious online variety shows out there–various A-list Korean musicians and actors attempt to cook as silently as possible without setting off a noise meter and ‘waking mom.’ If they do, they get punishments that range from wearing ridiculous wigs, funny makeup, or a whack to the face from a team member. The show inevitably leads to a lot of muffled giggling and silent passive-aggressive arguments between the guests which will have you rolling with laughter. It’s hugely popular, with most celebrities stating they often look forward to coming on the show.

Episodes we recommend: Those starring GOT7, MAMAMOO, Astro or AOMG‘s Simon Dominic, Loco and Gray

Dingo Freestyle’s Killing Verse (YouTube)

Watch some of South Korea’s most talented hip-hop artists take you on a trip through their discographies via this live performance series. The rappers jump from one track to another–often chronologically–as they present a brief sum-up of their careers, and the session usually ends with their most recent release. It’s like a mini private concert and a great way to discover new artists and tracks. The show also has a version for singers titled Killing Voice.

Episodes we recommend: Those starring Jay Park, Changmo, Ash Island, BeWhy

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ODG’s You Were A Kid Once (YouTube)

Conceptualized by family clothing brand ODG, this heartwarming series lets kids aged anywhere between six to 13 years old interview and interact with Korean artists. The episodes usually involve the kids watching the artist perform live in front of them or listening to their music before engaging in deep, thoughtful conversations with said artist. This results in some very pure, honest and sometimes even emotional moments. It’s a great way to see a softer side of your favorite rapper or singer.

Episodes we recommend: Those starring Zico, DPR, Hoody and Jin Jinseok

JTBC’s Knowing Bros (YouTube)

Set to look like a high-school classroom, this long-running variety show features a fixed cast of actors, musicians and comedians who interview celebrity guests. Different guests are introduced as ‘exchange students’ in each episode where the cast engages in games, Q&A sessions and challenges with them to hilarious results.

Episodes we recommend: Those starring Twice and J.Y.Park, BTS, HyunA and DAWN and EXO

KOCOWA TV’s I Live Alone

It’s only available in short clips across KOCOWA TV’s YouTube channel and it can get a little annoying to string together an episode, but I Live Alone or Home Alone is one of the most interesting Korean variety shows out there. It gives audiences an intimate look into celebrities’ lives, with each episode following them on their days off. Cameras are placed in each star’s homes and cars, while a crew follows them when they’re out and about, giving us a glimpse of their homes, what they like to eat, their friends and families and what they do outside of their busy schedules. The show does a great job of humanizing these larger-than-life artists.

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Episodes we recommend: Those starring MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, Simon Dominic, Sung Hoon

RUN! BTS (V Live)

Most of BTS’ ARMY are aware of and cherish the group’s variety show RUN! BTS. Launched in 2015, the ongoing series sees the members participate in various tasks and games to outrageously hilarious results that will have you in stitches. A great way to get to know BTS better if you’re new to them and a fantastic walk down memory lane for long-time fans.

We recommend: Summer Outing, BTS and Zombies, Transfer Student Min Yoonji, and Say Cheese!

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