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6 Rom-Com K-Dramas to Look Out for This February

Over the past few years, rom-com K-dramas and their quirky antics have had a far-reaching impact. From ‘Friends turned lovers’, ‘Living under the same roof’, ‘Contract marriages’ to ‘Opposites attract’ and ‘Crossdressing under circumstances’, K-drama tropes never fail to work

Debashree Dutta Jan 24, 2022

Love and Leashes - Photo courtesy of Netflix

A Business Proposal

CEO ‘Kang Taemu’ (Ahn Hyoseop) is a workaholic and ‘Shin Hari’ (Kim Sejeong) is a single working woman. One day, Shin agrees to go on a blind date as ‘Jin Youngseo’ (Seol Inah), her friend and a chaebol heiress. Completely oblivious of a twist in the tale that’s about to surface, Shin confronts her date and is awestruck. The man is none other than Kang, the CEO of the company she works for. Although she’s confident of rejection, destiny has other plans: Shin receives a marriage proposal from the CEO the very next day. Scheduled to release on February 7th, this SBS drama will stream on Netflix.

Love and Leashes

An unexpected incident triggers an unexpected romance between ‘Jung Jihoo’ and ‘ Jung Jiwoo.’ Jung is known to be cold and poker-faced at work, yet is the object of affection amongst his female colleagues. One day, Jung’s delivery package falls into the hands of Ji Woo. She opens it by mistake and discovers one of his sexual fantasies. What follows is a contract of agreement leading to a steamy romance as Jihoo and Jiwoo embark on a play of pleasure in pain. Coming on Netflix on February 11th, Love and Leashes will have Seohyun and Lee Junyoung in the lead roles.

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Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather revolves around ‘Korea Meteorological Administration.’ Park Minyoung as ‘Jin Hakyung’ is a part of the weather forecast service and is a highly-skilled weather forecaster. She is known to be reserved and a no-nonsense employee who keeps her professional and private lives completely separate. However, her world is turned upside down when jovial and jolly ‘Lee Siwoo’ (Song Kang) joins the office. Lee has an IQ level of 150 and takes care of a special reporting segment. He succeeds in breaking the ice with Jin and soon love blossoms between the two despite the latter trying hard to keep him away. The rom-com will be a vivid portrayal of ordeals related to office romance and age differences. The release date of this Netflix original is February 12th.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

With a title inspired by Jaurim’s song “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, the story is about the broken dreams of youngsters due to a severe economic crisis that hits South Korea. The characters reunite years later at the ages of 25 and 21. This is a coming-of-age rom-com about friendship, affection, and love, set between 1998 to 2021. Nam Joohyuk and Kim Taeree will be seen in lead roles as ‘Baek Yijin’ and ‘Na Heedo’. Twenty-Five Twenty-One will premiere on Netflix on February 12th.

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Thirty-Nine is the second JTBC drama coming on Netflix on February 16th. The cast includes Son Yejin, Jeon Mido, Kim Jihyun, Yeon Woojin, and Lee Moosaeng. Three women who became friends as high schoolers have aged gracefully and are turning 40 soon. ‘Cha Mijo’ is a well-to-do Gangnam-based dermatologist, ‘Jung Chanyoung’ who wanted to be an actress has become an acting teacher instead, and ‘Jang Joohee’ is a cosmetics manager. Coming from different walks of life, with different personalities, the common factor between the three women is their unbreakable bond of friendship and their dreams of exploring love, life, dreams, family matters, and everything in between.

Crazy Love

f(x)’s Krystal Jung will star alongside Kim Jaewook in Crazy Love, the story about a man who pretends to be suffering from amnesia to escape a murder threat, and a terminally ill woman who agrees to act as his fiancé. Jung will portray ‘Lee Shina’ and Kim will essay the role of ‘No Gojin.’ Crazy Love is scheduled to premiere on February 20th and will air through KBS2 and stream on iQIYI.


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