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Exclusive Release: Ferry Tales’ Debut EP ‘There She Goes’

The Mumbai pop quartet debut with cushy compositions on their three-track release

Nabeela Shaikh Jan 18, 2016
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Mumbai-based pop quartet Ferry Tales. Photo by Shalini Mohanty.

Mumbai-based pop quartet Ferry Tales. Photo by Sumedh Sawant.

They might be just a bunch of college kids making their way through the drudgery of academics but once they’re on stage, Ferry Tales pack in a neat sound for a college band.

One of the more impressive bands that the Mumbai college circuit has bred since alt rockers Unohu and Spud In The Box [who are out of college now], Ferry Tales was formed in mid-2015. The pop rock band started out as casual jamming sessions between vocalist Akshay Dakhane, drummer Nilay Singh, guitarist Nischal Chaubey and bassist Siddhant Vetekar, but gradually took shape as the band began composing and recording originals. “Our music was never something we really expected,” says drummer Nilay Singh. “But then we actually decided to do this and start a band seriously.” Soon, the pop quartet was competing college competitions like Navi Mumbai-based Siesons, BITS Goa, and IIT Kanpur. The band came full circle when they returned to perform their own one-hour show at SIES [“Before the year ended, we performed at the same place we competed!” gushes Singh.]

In a twist of recording studio fate, the band landed an agreement with Cotton Press Studios not long after. One of the partners at the studio, drummer Jehangir Jehangir offered them free recording time and gigs in exchange for the profit from the shows. From there on, Ferry Tales have gone on to play Pune music venue High Spirits alongside Mumbai electro-rockers Krazy Electrons and also open for singer/songwriter Tejas Menon.

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And while their live staples comprise denser, progressive tracks like “Infinite Love,” the three-track release There She Goes includes smitten John Mayer-esque pop songs about everything from “a cranky girl who catches her ex in a restaurant with another girl” [“There She Goes”] to “a guy realizing his girlfriend is perfect for him when he’s forced to go shopping with her” [“This Beauty is Perfect”].

While Ferry Tales make their way through college and local gigs, they also have plans to release a full-length album in the near future, that promises heavier, more progressive material.

Stream ‘There She Goes’ below.

There She Goes

Self-releasedJanuary 2016

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