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7 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss Epic Fam Jam

With a concert, exclusive after party and tons of content creation opportunities in the lineup, the day-long fan event is bound to be a creator haven

Rolling Stone India Jan 15, 2020

The EPIC FAM JAM will see the newest kids on the social media block celebrate the content culture they emerged from. (From left to right, clockwise): Team 07, Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur, Teetigada and Jannat Zubair.

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2020 is the year that TikTokers and Instagram influencers finally take to the festival wave. EPIC FAM JAM, a mega fan and content creation event, is set to take place this Sunday, January 19th at Mumbai’s Jio Garden in BKC. Launched by Qyuki and Paytm Insider, the debut edition will witness digital superstars giving more than a glimpse into their world with fans being invited to hop along for the ride. Here’s why you can’t miss it:

1. Move over stars of 2018-19. Meet Internet’s biggest superstars who give even Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh tough competition when it comes to fanatic fan love

Going by TikTok numbers alone, EPIC FAM JAM’s lineup boasts a following of  179.8 million followers combined. If past event and panels have been strong indicators, TikTokers Jannat Zubair, #Team07’s
Mr. Faisu, Adnaan Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch and Shadaan Farooqui, #Teetigada’s Sameeksha Sud, Vishal Pandey and Bhavin Bhanushali, TikToker and choreographer Awez Darbar with TikToker Nagma Mirajkar and TikTokers Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur can expect their fans to come out for the festival that celebrates the creative ecosystem. There’s no better place to interact with social media game changers than at EPIC FAM JAM because these creators know a thing or two about advancing their art to form the hybrid of social media and real-life mega influence. And lucky for attendees, these stars are coming together to create the ultimate fan experience.

2. Watch a live concert featuring digital babies

The entire EPIC FAM JAM lineup will be presenting a special concert of song and dance at the event. These stars have been the product of the 4g revolution and performance is second nature to them, going by their creativity on TikTok and Instagram. In what will be their debut festival showcase, attendees of EPIC FAM JAM can expect a spectacle like no other from these digital babies aka digital superstars who are going to translate the digital to reality. The best add on? They’ll also teach you how to ride the digital wave through the festival’s master classes and workshops. Talk
about an educational demonstration. Also performing are singer-songwriter Gajendra Verma, viral singing star Shraddha Sharma and Emmy- nominated group Kings United.

3. Buy a meet and greet with digital stars and make collab videos that can go viral. Get a follow back from them too

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EPIC FAM JAM is meant to be a cohesive celebration of creativity and the ecosystem that enables it. That’s not really possible without collaboration. Attendees can expect to meet their favorite digital stars at EPIC FAM JAM and film videos with them, standing the chance to go viral but also to learn some of the tips and tricks that these creators employ to stay at the top of their game. What’s better? Lucky fans may get a follow back too! There’s also a super fan zone where fans can hang out exclusively with creators as specially designed personalized camps.

4. Party with them in an exclusive epic after party — secret location

What’s a festival without an epic after party? The celebrations do not end when the curtains close on the debut edition of EPIC FAM JAM. A special experience has been curated for 50 fans at the exclusive after party where attendees can hang out, seek advice, get a personalized shout-out video and create content with the digital stars at a super secret, exclusive location.

5. Be on the cover of Rolling Stone India at the special RS installation

A.R. Rahman with the Top 24 contestants of NEXA Music. Photograph by Rohit Gupta for Rolling Stone India

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an RS cover star alongside the likes of A.R. Rahman, Nucleya, Lilly Singh and more? Well, you can have a go at it at EPIC FAM JAM where a super special installation awaits attendees. Pick your headline and get ready to put forth your best pose(s)! It’s never been easier to be an RS cover star.

6. Immersive engagement zones 

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Rolling Stone India, Instagram, MTV, Miss Malini and more will be present at the debut edition of EPIC FAM JAM. Attendees can expect the full pop culture circuit to be covered with there being something for every kind of fan. The immersive installations will range from cool selfie zones and festival specific filters to a secret positivity installation from Miss Malini and digital trend charters and more!

7. If you’re a content creator you can make tons of content  

EPIC FAM JAM is an event for fans but also aims to celebrate and sustain the content creation ecosystem. Keeping this in mind, the festival has curated spaces and experiences that enable everyone to tap into their artistic side. From workshops, masterclasses, one-on-one sessions, collaborations, props, mini-sets and just all out fun as fans soak in the festival and interact with what’s waiting for them, there’s going to be tons of opportunities to go viral. EPIC FAM JAM is the ultimate hotbed for the next emerging digital superstar. 

Book your tickets for EPIC FAM JAM here.

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