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8 K-Drama Rap Songs that are All-Time Hits

While hip-hop and rap in Korean dramas might not be a staple, some stand out and are sonically stunning

Debashree Dutta Mar 31, 2022

Auditory Hallucination” from Kill Me Heal Me

“Auditory Hallucination” from the rom-com suspense medical drama Kill Me Heal Me, is one of the best K-drama OSTs with incredible rap portions. The song revolves around Cha Dohyun’, the son of a Korean conglomerate, engaging psychiatric resident ‘Oh Rijin’ to treat his multiple personality disorder in secrecy. Jang Jaein feat. NaShow’s “Auditory Hallucination” exudes a plethora of sounds. Their voices, in a way, continue to reverberate long after the song has ended. Jang’s smooth voice lends a mellifluous character to the song, while NaShow’s seasoned rapping takes it to another level.

“Higher Plane” from Criminal Minds

This song is addictive, groovy, cool, and has a divine rhythm to it. “Higher Plane” is an OST from the Korean adaption of the renowned American Criminal Mind series, sung by the mind-blowing Korean-American rapper Jay Park, better known by his stage name Flowsik, alongside the phenomenal pop duo Davichi. The song’s fast tempo emphasizes the spirit and adrenaline of the narration, in which a team of investigators hunts criminals to solve cases. The flow of Flowsik is both stylish and powerful. When I first heard this song, I played it on loop and now, it’s permanent on my playlist.

“Stay with Me” from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

“Stay with Me” needs no introduction. Rated as one of the most viewed songs on YouTube, it deserves all the accolades and traction it has received to date. Punch’s seductive voice combined with Chanyeol’s (EXO) outstanding rap caliber has resulted in a truly stunning rendition. The song is a love ballad about heartbreak and desire. The song’s melodic brilliance is accelerated by Chanyeol’s unusual rapping technique. The unique timber in Punch’s voice makes it much more worth listening to.

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“Say Yes” from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Punch’s voice is intercut with Loco’s rap parts, creating a very pleasant yet catchy soundtrack in “Say Yes”. This is a classic song with hip-hop flair, from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, a superhit romantic comedy period drama. This beautiful ballad conveys the feelings of two people in love and their confessions, well brought out by the vocalist and the rapper with their individual qualities. Punch later re-recorded and re-created the duet song with Mamamoo’s Moonbyul.

“Dream” from The Best Hit

Kim Minjae, also known as Real.be, is an amazing actor and pro rapper. In “Dream,” an original soundtrack from the youth romance comedy-drama The Best Hit, his incredible rap skills are showcased once more. Kim has also starred in the drama as a foster kid preparing for the civil service exam while secretly aspiring to be an idol. This song is a unique collaboration between him and Younha (the multi-talented singer-songwriter and record producer), a beautiful duet that creates a distinct sonic ambiance, and Kim’s spectacular rap flow enhances the song’s immersion and adds to the sound value.

“OK” Prison Playbook

“OK” is a one-of-a-kind song written and rapped by BewhY and produced by Gray, who boosted the song’s quality. Their combined inputs in this song earned a lot of positive feedback from fans all over the world. Who’d have guessed a prison drama would turn into a tragicomedy with the help of a hip-hop track like this? I love the hook lines, “OK OK OK, tell me it’s alright/Even if it’s not alright, even if it’s a lie/OK OK OK, tell me it’s alright/I love the way you lie/I love the way you lie.” This section, in particular, has a cool tempo and is fun to listen to.

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“Once Again” from Descendants of the Sun

The OST for the cult classic Korean drama Descendants of the Sun includes hip-hop and rap star Mad Clown and the highly successful vocalist Kim Nayoung. The song expresses the agony of a lover who is forced to break up with his beloved, as evidenced by the lyrics, “Will I see you again?/I’m standing in front of destiny/That has passed me by again/Was it a dream that we couldn’t wake from?/ You’re getting farther away and I couldn’t tell you/Not even once I love you.” Besides the hip-hop beat, the melancholy piano melody, Kim Nayoung’s singing, and Mad Clown’s rapping have all contributed to the song’s somber ambiance.

“Star” from Second 20s

This song, an OST from the romance comedy drama Second 20s, includes Kim Minjae and Mamamoo’s Solar. “Star,” a medium-tempo hip-hop song with a balmy tone and a chorus that speaks of unattainable love, brings both artists’ explosive powers together. The song dynamics have been enhanced by Solar’s distinctive voice and Kim Minjae’s rapping ability.


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