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8 Upcoming Releases We’re Looking Forward To

Our guide to the best Indian and international music scheduled to hit record stores and streaming services in the coming months

Urvija Banerji Sep 06, 2017

Pulpy Shilpy. Photo: Sumukh Bharadwaj

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Pulpy Shilpy, TBA

Gowri Jayakumar’s first foray into production comes under the moniker Pulpy Shilpy. Ever since we had the first taste of her new sound, the excellent hip-hop track “Kaadal Manan,” we’ve been eagerly awaiting her upcoming EP, which is scheduled for an early October release. Jayakumar will also be releasing music under her Run Pussy Run moniker in December.

Tejas. Photo: Jishnu Guha

Tejas, Make It Happen

At the kick-off for our fortnightly Facebook Live series, #RollingStoneOnAir, musical guest Tejas Menon’s excitement to release his new album, Make It Happen, was both palpable and infectious. We can’t help but want to hear more from the singer-songwriter, whose catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and buttery vocals are all set to reach your ears on September 15th.

Nai Palm. Photo: Sarah B Photography/CC BY 2.0

Nai Palm, TBA

Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm is one of the most mesmerizing vocalists out there–her perfectly controlled melisma alone is enough to sell anyone on her formidable capabilities. For Hiatus, she’s penned intricately poetic lines like “After the coal has settled/Deep beneath the ash resting/Quiet as silk the melody tampers the willing” and “Like the wind without her whisperings/And all the color swept from all her tapestries.” Naturally, we have the highest expectations for Palm’s debut solo album, which is slated for a Sony Music release later this year.


Mohini Dey with her father Sujoy Dey. Photo: Roycin D’Souza

Mohini Dey, TBA

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Though there is no word about when this bass prodigy will release her upcoming instrumental album, or what it will be called, we do know that she’s currently working on completing it. We’ve watched enough videos of Dey putting bassists thrice her age to shame to know that we’ll be scrambling to get our copies as soon as it comes out.

The album art for Rostam’s ‘Half-Light.’

Rostam, Half-Light

You’ve probably heard plenty of music from ex-Vampire Weekend producer-composer Rostam Batmanglij already: he’s been the driving production force behind some of our favorite songs from Frank Ocean, Haim, Charli XCX and Das Racist. His solo releases are equally, if not more masterful–songs like “Wood” and “Gravity Don’t Pull Me” have been on our playlists for years, and newer additions like “Bike Dream,” off his upcoming album Half-Light, are quickly becoming mainstays, too.

Aarifah Rebello. Photo: Courtesy of Glowworm Studios

Aarifah Rebello, TBA

Soft-spoken Aarifah Rebello has always let music speak for her, so we’re looking forward to hearing what she has to say on her debut solo EP. The drummer/singer-songwriter performs with multiple different acts across genres, such as Lawntuba and Nookie Jar, but it’s when she’s performing on her own with her guitar that we find ourselves most captivated.

St Vincent.

St. Vincent, TBA

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The elusive indie pop darling that is Annie Clark hasn’t released an album as St. Vincent in four years, which is an incredibly long time to go without Clark’s infectious, distorted guitar riffs and eclectic lyrics. Thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to hear new St. Vincent material, and if it’s anything like her last album, we’ll probably be listening to it for another four years to come.

Skyharbor. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Skyharbor, Sunshine Dust

After spending a large part of this year on tour in Europe opening for alt-metal giants Deftones, homegrown rockers Skyharbor have probably had plenty of weird and wonderful experiences to fuel their creative inspiration. We’re excited to see how they’ve grown as a band on their new album, which is scheduled to release at the end of 2017.

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