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A Mutual Question to Release New EP

The post rock band’s five-track EP titled ’Strangeloop’ is slated for release next month

Nabeela Shaikh Aug 07, 2015
new ep releases

A Mutual Question performing at Blue Frog, Pune. Photo courtesy of the band.

Not long ago, we looked at how the relatively niche genre of post rock was slowly taking root in the indie scene. Adding to the increasing number of indie post rock bands is Mumbai-based A Mutual Question formed in 2013, who will release their upcoming five-track EP titled Strangeloop next month.

AMQ’s debut album Eyes Everywhere [2013] saw the four-piece band who was based in Pune at the time establish a sound that, although safely rooted in post rock, pushed the boundaries by experimenting with elements of Hindustani classical vocals.

Strangeloop, however will not include fusion, but is expected to be more ”˜spacey’ [post rock talk for a more  synth-laden sound] with harder hitting drums and heavier guitars. Says drummer Aviraj Kumar, “Eyes Everywhere was a studio project released without any expectations, it was four guys meeting at [guitarist] Sidharth’s place, sharing ideas and making everything in his home-studio. Strangeloop on the other hand will be a completely different side of AMQ which we usually do live.”

The underlying theme of the EP is an abstract concept of the same name, that the band themselves find hard to explain. Kumar says, “Strange loop is not a very explainable concept as such, it has a different meaning for everyone. For the band, the easiest way to describe it is wherever you go in life, you circle back into the same spot.”

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The band has also collaborated with Delhi-based graphic artist Aaquib Wani, who has previously done album art for bands like prog metal band Skyharbor and Bengaluru-based Escher’s Knot.


Strangeloop tracklist:

1. “Dune”

2. “Strangeloop”

3. “Midsunbrews”

4. “Awakener” [reworked]

5. “Rhythm of Tragedy”


A Mutual Question will feature on an Independence Day special episode of Vh1 Music Diaries on August 9th at 7 p.m. on Vh1 and will perform a track off their upcoming EP.


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