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Aarya Returns with Breezy Sophomore EP ‘Roots’

‘All the songs are about experiences I’ve gone through,’ says the Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter

David Britto Nov 01, 2018

Aarya, who moved to the U.K. at the end of last year to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management, is now back with his brand new five-track EP 'Roots.' Photo: Anvay Wagh

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It has been just over a year since Mumbai singer-songwriter Aarya Gadkari ”“ who goes by his first name ”“ released his debut EP One Year, One House. Since then, the musician bagged a slot at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Pune 2017, released his smooth single “No Game” via Bacardi House Party Sessions which premiered along with a music video on comedy collective AIB’s YouTube channel and also released a music video for the somber “Mum and Dad” off One Year, One House. “Playing Weekender was an absolute dream for me,” says Aarya.

The singer-songwriter, who moved to the U.K. at the end of last year to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management, is now back with his brand new five-track EP Roots. Ask Aarya why he wanted to put out a new record so soon after his debut release and he says, “Releasing an EP at this point just made sense to me as it kept the momentum going and I wanted the songs on Roots to be a step above all my previous releases.”

‘Roots’ artwork by Martin Boymond.

According to the musician, the songs on Roots are his most “honest bunch” yet. The record opens with a soulful ballad and one of Aarya’s top picks from the EP, “Lose My Mind.” “This song is perhaps my personal favorite.” The next track, the bubbly “London,” is an ode to the city the singer-songwriter currently resides in. On the passionate “In A Movie,” Aarya explains, “[It is] about being in a relationship where the other has just given up even though you are giving your all.” “Girl From The Bay,” is a breezy pop tune with catchy melodies, hooks and chunky acoustic guitar parts. “This is a song about a night out with loads of different people at different points of time but just compiled into one story,” says Aarya. The record closer is an acoustic version of the artist’s 2017 single “No Game.”

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After moving to the U.K., performing live became very erratic for the singer-songwriter and so did his inflow of cash. That’s when the musician decided to crowdfund his second EP and ran a super successful campaign raising ₹206,000 to fund the record.It was extremely overwhelming for me, it was such a positive response and got me even more excited for the songs to come out,” he says. Roots was recorded at Mumbai’s Multitap Entertainment and produced, mixed and mastered by Rahul Popawala. “He’s [Popawala] known me since the beginning as an artist and understands my style of music and thought process. He truly got the best out of the songs,” says Aarya.

Next, the singer-songwriter is planning on working on a couple of music videos to promote the record and is also plotting an India tour this December. “I hope to see lots of people come and support the EP,” says Aarya.

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