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Watch Marathi Folk-Fusion Band Abhanga Repost’s Reggae-Tinged Theatrical Video for ‘Bhoot Jabar’

The third single from Abhanga’s upcoming album ‘Vaari’ adapts poetry by Sant Eknath, taking on superstition, environmentalism and female foeticide

Anurag Tagat Jan 10, 2022

Marathi folk-fusion band Abhanga Repost.

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Blending reggae, rock and pop with the wisdom of Marathi saint-poet Eknath, folk-fusion act Abhanga Repost takes a shot at societal ills on “Bhoot Jabar,” which roughly translates to “scary ghost.” The music video for the single, released late last year, draws from the tradition of street plays, with the band playing out of a bus station amidst a symbolic demon and a cross-section of commuters.

In the manner of journeying wisdom presented centuries ago by Sant Eknath, Abhanga Repost’s percussionist and vocalist Viraj Acharya has an important verse about “development” and its socio-political connotations, when it could be about spiritual well-being. “We’re talking about environmentalism, rape culture, female foeticide. The development that’s actually destruction. These thoughts aren’t born within us, but carried out through generations from the time of Saint Eknath,” the band says in a statement. In an earlier verse, Acharya encourages listeners to replace the ghosts we’re scared of with ones we can welcome such as good deeds, equality and humanity.  

Abhanga Repost, who came together in 2014, have been strongly championing Marathi folk poetry. “Bhoot Jabar,” the third single from their forthcoming album Vaari, is described as a “bharud,” a folklore form of poetry. “The whole purpose of singing the bharud – whether it was about environmentalism, casteism, class divides or erasing the gaps in our social institutions – was to say society can be one and a free place,” the band explains.

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Completed by lead vocalist-guitarist Pratish Mhaske, guitarist Ajay Vavhal, bassist Swapnil Tarphe, harmonium artist Tushar Totre and drummer Dushyant Deorukhkar, Abhanga Repost infuse instrumental folk-meets-reggae portions to keep the jam-band vibe of “Bhoot Jabar.”

Directed by Pranav Krishna Patil and produced by Rohit Mhatre of Cinerea Films and Sachin Yadav of Framelements, the music video highlights these social stigmas in an attempt to bring about self-awareness among people.

Watch the video for “Bhoot Jabar” below.

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