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AbraXas to Perform at Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2015

The Pune-based metal band is all set to make its RSMA comeback

Rolling Stone India Mar 13, 2015
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(from left) Harshvardhan Gore, Abhimanyu Singh Negi, Tiasunep Aier, Kenneth Mascarenhas and Karan Pote

(from left) Harshvardhan Gore, Abhimanyu Singh Negi, Tiasunep Aier, Kenneth Mascarenhas and Karan Pote

In 2012, when AbraXas played at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards, guitarist Abhimanyu Singh Negi recalls misplacing his processor just ahead of the gig. Negi remembers, “I forgot it in an auto! Fortunately, the guys from [Mumbai metal band] Providence were kind enough to lend me theirs for the gig.” It’s been three years since that day but that performance has stayed with Abraxas. Says Negi, “It was our last performance with our original line-up, so it was a special moment. It was one our favorite shows and a smashing night.”

In the past few years, the five-piece band has undergone a few line-up changes with Tiasunep Aier replacing Vinay Joseph on guitars and Harsh Gore taking Naman Sachdev’s place on the drums. Negi tells us, “Vinay’s family was shifting to the States and Naman was also moving out of the country for his studies. We jammed and practiced with a few people and finally settled on Tiasunep and Harsh. I had seen Harsh perform before and we felt that they both were a good fit.”

The band feels they have come full circle with their RSMA show lined up this year. Although drummer Harsh Gore won’t be able to play with the band on the awards night due to ill health, the band is pulling out all stops to ensure that they put on a great show. Negi says, “We choose our shows carefully and playing at the Rolling Stone Metal awards is an honor. Rolling Stone has a legacy that no one can ignore and it is great to be associated with that. “

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Abraxas will perform at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards on March 22nd, 2015 at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Stay tuned for the full lineup and more event details.

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