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Actor You Need To Know: Cha Eunwoo

Famous as ‘Face Genius’ in the industry, there’s a lot more to this K-pop sensation and ‘True Beauty’ hero

Debashree Dutta Jan 12, 2022

Still from True Beauty - Photo courtesy of tvN

From ASTRO to True Beauty, the journey of Cha Eunwoo aka Lee Dongmin has been one of consistent growth. Formed by the South Korean entertainment company Fantagio, ASTRO was introduced to the world of K-pop in 2016 as a band of six members with Cha Eunwoo as a vocalist. With three mini albums in 2017, ASTRO made its mark as a rising K-pop band with the massive success of their 2019 studio album, All Light.

Often called a ‘Face Genius,’ Cha is known as an all-rounder Hallyu star. After his success in the world of K-pop, he quickly made his way into Korean dramas like, My Romantic Some Recipe, Hit The Top, Sweet Revenge, and Top Management. His debut as a male lead came with Gangnam Beauty, which kick started his career as an A-list K-drama actor.

With Rookie Historian, Goo Haeryung, Cha bagged the Excellence Award for an Actor and Best Couple Award with Shin Sekyung in 2019. That same year, Cha joined the new variety show Handsome Tigers, quickly becoming a crowd favorite in the all-star cast.

Still from Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung : Photo courtesy of MBC

Expressing his gratitude towards the variety show Masters In The House, also known as All The Butlers, Cha has stated that meeting people with expertise in various fields helped him learn valuable lessons on life. In one episode, celebrity power couple Gyo Jin and So Yihyun were seen sharing experiences of their married life and the valuable lessons they have learned, leading them to love and respect each other-a moment Cha was greatly touched by. The actor and idol’s keen insight into life’s realities helps him be more of what he is. Undeterred by failures, Cha’s positive and mature take on life keeps him grounded. “When bad things happen, I tell myself that it’s the hardships now that will lead to a better future, instead of nitpicking at the cause and effect,” he stated in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

In December 2020, this dedication to the craft paid off; he sky-rocketed to fame as Lee Suho, ‘the perfect man’ from True Beauty. The TV adaptation of the popular webtoon made him a household name across South Korea while also cementing his status as the ideal male romantic lead.

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He has carved a niche in acting, music and entertainment, but is always keen on connecting with his fans through music. With the 2021 ballad, “Don’t Cry My Love,” he marked his entry into the worldwide iTunes chart at number 15.

Cha Eunwoo has lent his voice for the OST “Don’t Cry My Love” for the webtoon series Under The Oak Tree – He has sung for the male protagonist Riftan’s theme song, expressing his deep love and longing for beloved, Maximillian Calypse.

Often typecast and usually seen essaying the quintessential lover boy, Cha has stated he also feels there’s another side to him that audiences need to see. Perhaps that is why his film debut in the upcoming movie Decibel will see him in a completely different avatar from the romantic boy-next-door, a challenging but exciting change.

Still from Decibel : Photo courtesy of East Dream Cynopex

Directed by Hwang Inho, Decibel is an action-thriller starring Cha, Kim Rawon, Lee Jongsuk, and more. The film will open with a city under threat when a bomb that reacts to sound is found in the heart of the city. Kang Doyoung is a submarine commander in the Navy who is linked to a previous submarine incident that leads to the present terror attack. Although the premise of Decibel is based on a real-life terrorist attack that took place in a submarine, director Hwang will tweak the storyline a bit to make it more interesting. Cha will play the role of a young sailor in the Navy, handling sonar detection. It will be fascinating to see the men team up together and diffuse the bomb to save the city. Fans worldwide, especially ASTRO’s fandom Aroha, are eagerly waiting for the movie, slated to release this year.

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