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Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Bests BTS’s ‘Butter’ For First-Day Streaming Record

The single has become Spotify’s most-streamed song within a single day, besting BTS, the K-Pop superstars and their hit ‘Butter’

Amit Vaidya Oct 17, 2021
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After 5 years and what feels like a lifetime ago, Adele finally shared with the world her comeback single on Friday,  “Easy On Me”. The first single from her hotly anticipated “30” LP due for release on November 19th has already managed to break some records in record time. 

The single has become Spotify’s most-streamed song within a single day, besting BTS, the K-Pop superstars and their hit “Butter”. 

“And just like that, Adele set a new record,” the company tweeted (interestingly enough, the song premiered at 7pm on Thursday and Spotify’s announcement was actually made before the end of Friday, October 15th) their congratulations to the superstar for this achievement. 

While actual streaming numbers have yet to be released, the memo states both singles streamed more than 20 million times on their first day. 

The song also set a record on Amazon music as the most-streamed first day for any song on the platform in their history, the company stated. 

The song is currently the #1 track in 47 markets on iTunes while at radio in the US, the song already has cracked the Top 30 on Mainstream and the Top 10 on Adult Contemporary stations, and that’s just after one day! While many have been curious about the single’s staying power given that ballads generally just don’t play well on radio anymore, all signs at least for now point to Adele once again bucking every trend. 

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“Easy On Me” is an emotionally charged ballad that openly discusses the singer’s divorce with her seemingly asking her ex-husband, her son and perhaps herself for grace. With no layered vocals or fancy gimmicks, the piano ballad (at times stylistically reminiscent of Elton John) builds in such vocally surprising ways, you can’t help but feel the emotions along with the singer. 

It may feel like classic Adele, but the song and the artist actually take many risks, the biggest of which comes with the chorus as melodically each chorus is different. In many ways, the “live” feeling of the song is what makes the single feel raw, warm and so touching. 

The music video, released simultaneously as the single, pays homage at its onset to the singer’s own “Hello” from her last album “25” (both videos are directed by Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan). The video steers into new territory for the singer, where we see lyrically and visually her world brighten over the course of the track from black and white, the past and her part to a colorful present, shed of the things that had defined her, including notably her music. 

In just over a day, the music video has already amassed over 50 million views on YouTube with thousands of reaction videos, memes and TikTok videos already part of the story – a sign of just how massive this comeback single is trending. 

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There’s simply no way this single doesn’t become another massive hit for the singer. With co-writer and producer Greg Kurstin by her side, “Easy On Me” is hard to forget. 

It’s clear the Brit is still at the top of her game and in fact her career is only the on the up and up. 

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