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Aditya Kambhampati Releases Kaleidoscopic New Single ‘Lacuna Riff’

The song follows the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter’s debut EP ‘The Green Room Project,’ released earlier this year

David Britto Sep 16, 2020

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditya Kambhampati. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Although Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditya Kambhampati played in a band during his engineering college days, it wasn’t until a year ago that he built up the courage to release his own music. With two singles, “Tukda” and “Siyahi” out in 2019, the musician dropped his debut four-track EP The Green Room Project, which included the aforementioned tracks earlier this year. Now, Kambhampati is quick to follow that up with his brand-new hypnotic song “Lacuna Riff.”

Since the EP came out, he says, “I’ve been up to a lot of stuff. Lots of songwriting is going on. Thankfully, that has helped create another bunch of new songs. Besides that, I’ve been doing a couple of online live gigs which is an all-new experience.”

The spellbinding “Lacuna Riff” is a trippy offering by Kambhampati and features strong songwriting as well as slick instrumentation and a dreamy guitar solo. Lyrically, the musician sings about a phase in one’s life just before death. “The protagonist has accepted his fate and knows for sure he’s going to pass, and hence the elaborate outro is there in the song to capture the essence of acceptance and passing,” says Kambhampati. He adds, “My friend Aditya Karhadkar has done an immense job in capturing the essence of the whole song through his minimal yet impactful lyrics.”

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“Lacuna Riff” was recorded at Mumbai’s Buss-In Studio and self-produced by Kambhampati while sound engineer Saurabh Kajrekar mixed and mastered it. “I produce all my songs because it’s therapeutic,” says the artist.

While Kambhampati balances his day job as a Product Manager with a bank, he plans on releasing more singles going forward. In the works is an Indian folk track which will see him experimenting with his sound. He says, “It will definitely have my identity in it, but it’s a new zone I’m trying and it’s completely different from the songs I’ve released up until now.”

Stream “Lacuna Riff” below:


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