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Advaita’s Suhail Yusuf Khan and Aditya Balani Launch New Project

Watch the duo’s first video

Shawn Fernandes May 16, 2012
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Earlier this year, Delhi-based sarangi player and Hindustani vocalist Suhail Yusuf Khan and former Advaita bandmate and guitarist Aditya Balani decided to form an electro-acoustic duo they’ve called ‘Adi & Suhail’. The duo has just put out their first video for the song ‘Laage Re’.

Talking to ROLLING STONE INDIA about the new project, Balani tells us that the difference between Advaita and Adi & Suhail is that “while Advaita is more psychedelic rock, Adi & Suhail has more of a Sufi influence.” Khan, says Balani, is looking to Sufi poets such as Amir Khusro for lyrical inspiration. “I’m adding a lot of arrangement textures from pop to electronica,” adds Balani.

The other significant difference, is that while Advaita’s a fixed band with eight members, Adi & Suhail is an open group that can work as a duo, a trio or even as a larger band.

Balani and Khan plan to start recording the project’s debut album over the next few months and expect to release it by the end of this year.

Watch Adi & Suhail perform ‘Laage Re’ below:

 Video: Shiv Ahuja

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