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Hear New Delhi Producer Albela’s Meditative New EP ‘Flow’

Shubhashish Ghosh was inspired by the ancient philosophies of Lao Tzu

Anurag Tagat Sep 16, 2020

Producer-guitarist Albela aka Shubhashish Ghosh. Photo: Courtesy of Subcontintental Records

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Although he’s often taken over the decks at venues and festival stages across Delhi NCR since 2013 with melodic techno, producer Shubhashish Ghosh aka Albela has also been producing ambient music as part of his repertoire.

His latest, which arrives via Bengaluru label Subcontinental Records, is called Flow and brings together three striking tracks that are transportive in nature. While the title track brings together string sections and modular synth patterns, Albela digs into a starry guitar lead for “Form,” over dramatic and clever ambient layers to heighten the mood. He bends synth lines on the closing track “Flux” and phases in and out of psychedelic sounds, making for a gazing listening experience.

Written and produced over the span of four months, Ghosh does call Flow something “entirely different” from what he’s usually released. The producer says, “Creating experimental music with complex amalgamations without any beats has always intrigued me and ambient music is the genre that resonates with me the most. I majorly used my Moog synthesizer for creating complex arps and deep pads, also used real-life sounds from nature to create my own unique patterns and FX. I used my electric guitar on ‘Form’ to give the track my pure handwritten emotions.”

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Also an educator and into meditation, Ghosh’s inspiration for the EP has understandably come from a philosophical space. He says, “Flow was created because of my inclination towards ambient music and meditation. the name has also been partially derived from saintly words by [Chinese philosopher] Lao Tzu – ‘Let things Flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.'”

Stream/buy Flow EP below. 

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