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Demonstealer Gets Introspective on ‘This Burden Is Mine’

Mumbai metal’s poster boy gets out of the haloed extreme metal comfort zone on his solo album

Anurag Tagat Mar 08, 2016
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Demonstealer - This-Burden-Is-Mine[2016]It’s been eight years since Mumbai multi-instrumentalist and producer Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer released a solo album, preferring to keep himself occupied with death metal band Reptilian Death, comedy rock band Workshop and of course, extreme metal frontrunners Demonic Resurrection. But while 2008 ”¦And Chaos Will Reign sounded like DR B-sides, his new solo album This Burden Is Mine is his most diverse record yet. The drumwork, courtesy of American death metal band Nile’s George Kollias, is faultless and relentless, perfect for Demonstealer’s heavy moments on songs like “An Unforgiving Truth.” But outside that, there’s a variety of vocal styles, from clean [“How the Mighty Have Fallen,” “The Last Jester Dance”] to harsher screams [“When the Hope Withers and Dies”]. Metal never sounded catchier.

Listen to “How The Mighty Have Fallen” here.

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