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Album Review: Gutslit – Skewered in the Sewer

Mumbai death grind band’s debut full-length is nonstop brutality

Anurag Tagat Jul 23, 2013
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Death grind band Gutslit with former guitarist Dynell Bangera (far left). Photo: Ashish Kamble

Death grind band Gutslit with former guitarist Dynell Bangera (far right). Photo: Ashish Kamble

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Skewered in the Sewer

Skewered in the Sewer

After spending six years playing across venues in Mumbai, Gutslit have finally managed to put their brutal grind down on an album. 

Every member has technical prowess to show off on Skewered in the Sewer, from drummer Aaron Pinto’s blast beats to vocalist Aditya Barve stretching his vocal cords for inhuman pig squeals. Former guitarist Dynell Bangera keeps the grooves locked tight with bassist Gurdip Singh Narang and the result is fast, unrelenting bursts of music that mobilize mosh pits straight from the first snare drum blast on “Pustulated Phallic Enthralment.”

Speed aside, the band throws in slam elements [“Offal Barter”] and adds voice samples [“Pulp Face”] to make it more than just the usual fare of 90-second grind that can be compared to a meal that’s finished before you’ve tasted it. Not the kind Gutslit fans relish. This is powerful, groovy grind that relies on dark humor for its titles [“Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard,” “Circumcised with a Chainsaw”] and stays with listeners long after the speakers go bust.

Listen to the first two singles released from Skewered in the Sewer here. Buy the album on Bajaao.com

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