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EP Review: Sky Rabbit- Where

Dig up those shrooms and dancing shoes for the new release from the Mumbai electro rockers

Anurag Tagat Jul 31, 2013
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Sky Rabbit. Photo: Naman Saraiya

Sky Rabbit. Photo: Naman Saraiya

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Mumbai electro post-punk band Sky Rabbit’s second release, an EP titled Where makes it known loud and clear that the band likes to make people dance. There’s seldom a soul who isn’t inspired to move to drummer Harsh Karangale’s big beat drumming set to the (now) more subtle electro samples over noodles of guitar chords from Rahul Nadkarni and vocalist Raxit Tewari’s jaded drawl. The short and sweet “In Dance,” with Siddharth Shah’s groovy bass lines is proof of Sky Rabbit’s dance floor intentions.

The follow-up to their self-titled debut full-length from January 2012, this five-track EP sees a key shift in production and sound with much-sought after producer Ayan De helming the production. “Maybe Is Open Tonight,” that was tested at gigs and was performed without samples gets a coat of layers and exits with a bit of synth to subtle, yet less impressive effect. Tewari turns on his melancholy charm best on “Over the Rise,” a slow jam that’s as wistful as it gets, with cryptic lines such as “There’s a flogging danger waiting for footsteps /and I seem to cross the fences the wrong way.”

The title track “Where,” is also turned on its head when compared to the live version. It doesn’t get any better, but neither does it get worse with oddly poetic lyrics that we’ve come to associate with the band. “We sank up little jobs”? “In our times, we breed fathers”? Sign us up if there’s ever a session on Sky Rabbit songwriting.

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Key Tracks :

“In Dance”

“Over the Rise”

Buy the EP here or stream it here. 

This piece appeared in the August 2013 edition of Rolling Stone India. 

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