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Alive in Dambuk: P.O.D. Set for India Debut in December

The San Diego metallers will headline the Orange Festival of Adventure and Music in Arunachal Pradesh on December 15th

Anurag Tagat Nov 05, 2019

American metallers P.O.D. will make their India debut at the Orange Festival of Adventure and Music, Arunachal Pradesh in December. Photo: Kevin Baldes

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Over the phone from somewhere in Sweden, American metallers P.O.D.’s frontman Sonny Sandoval tells us it’s a little last minute, but they’re ready and pumped for their India debut at the Orange Festival of Adventure and Music, Dambuk on December 15th. He says, “It kind of got thrown on at the last minute so here we are making all kinds of arrangements and see what we can do and actually see while we’re there and make the most of our time.”

Closing off the festival in Arunachal Pradesh, Sandoval and the platinum-selling Payable On Death join fellow Californian rock band Flipsyde, reggae act Big Mountain, Indonesian indie rock group Ping Pong Club and more in Dambuk. Sandoval says, “We’re completely excited about it, though, just to see the people and play in a whole different world that we’re not used to.”

Booked by New Delhi company Six Degrees Arts, P.O.D. released their 10th studio album Circles last year, building on a legacy on nu-metal, rock, reggae and hip-hop that has seen them top charts, perform all over the globe and critical acclaim. Featured on soundtracks such as 2003’s sci-fi/action blockbuster The Matrix Reloaded (“Sleeping Awake”), P.O.D.’s success first arrived in 1999 with their album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and then their breakout record Satellite in 2001.

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Sandoval says songs like “Alive,” “Boom,” “Youth of the Nation” and more will very much be a part of their India set, considering it’s the album “most people are familiar with.” He adds, however, “We have so much music, it’s always difficult to cram into an hour or a hour and a half. We’ll see. I looked it up on the website and it looks like a super fun fest. We’ll see what they want. We can play anything from the ballads to heaviest to reggae music. We’re just an eclectic band in that way.”

Coincidentally, P.O.D. have also been performing their heavy version of Irish rock giants U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” on their current European run of shows. Sandoval laughs when he’s told that P.O.D. is performing in India on the same day (December 15th) that U2 will also make their debut in the country. “How awesome is that? One of our favorite bands,” Sandoval says.

Get more info on Orange Festival of Adventure and Music here. Watch the video for “Youth of the Nation” below.

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