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All OK Brings the Heat with New Song ‘Black and White’

The Kannada artist has also released a striking visual with the track

Rolling Stone India Sep 14, 2021

Kannada rapper and producer Alok Babu aka All.OK. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Last week, Kannada rapper and producer Alok Babu R. aka All OK released his latest song, the stomping “Black and White.” In this interview with Rolling Stone India, the hip-hopper talks to us about the new track, what he hopes listeners take away from it and more.

When did you pen your new song “Black and White” and what do you recall from the writing process?

‘Black and White’ was a very old concept which I had in my bag, but amidst the first lockdown seeing all the horrific sightings caused by corona on TV I added few more elements and gave it the final touches.

Lyrically, what can you tell me about the song?

This song has two shades, even lyrically it has two voices justifying each other’s side. And I wanted to express the common factors that occur in the human brain in terms of good and bad. Let’s admit, we all think in both good and bad ways in our minds, but what we bring into existence is what defines who we are.

Sonically, there’s a lot going on with the song from the heavy beats to the classical parts, what can you tell me about the production and recording process and what that experience was like when putting the song together?

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For the production, my good friend Gagan Baderia has done magic. When I first explained the concept to him he was thrilled about it, later he did a cool rough beat on which I composed and did additional programming and we sat together along with Aniket Mohanty and Yashwanth Venkatesh for mixing and mastering to get the exact classical and hip-hop fusion. My good friends Mahesh Prasad (veena player) and Bhardy Fluter (flutist) did an amazing job on the song. It’s total teamwork.

What do you hope your listeners take away from the track?

I want my ‘Bossu,’ that is my fans, to dig deep inside their mind to find out which is their true color and be the best version of it. At the end of the day, we are all black or white people living in a colorful world.

Looking ahead, what else do you have planned for the rest of the year and the foreseeable future?

We will be storming the internet with our digital content. it’s going to rain good quality content to the national market from Kannada. We are here to leave a mark. Our main motto is to mark Kannada indie music in the world market and we need all your love and support for this.

Watch the video for “Black and White” below:

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