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Alternative Artist ISCREAMFORGOD Taps into Rock, Metal and Hip-Hop on New Single ‘Meek Will’

The New Delhi musician brilliantly juxtaposes all the genres on the song

David Britto Oct 01, 2020

New Delhi-based alternative artist Palash Bhise aka ISCREAMFORGOD. Photo: Tarun Kukreja

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New Delhi-based Palash Bhise aka ISCREAMFORGOD is not your usual musician. The alternative artist. who grew up with the likes of rock and metal outfits such as Guns N’ Roses, MetallicaKorn and Slipknot, nu-metal band P.O.D. as well as hip-hopper Eminem deeply rooted in him, has managed to work all his influences into his music. “I always wanted to blend both of my favorite genres in the best way possible,” he says.

The guitarist performed with plenty of metal bands when he was in the U.A.E. while also rapping and releasing material under the moniker Splash. Bhise says, “What I was putting out as Splash was great, but I wasn’t tapping into my full potential as a musician.” As ISCREAMFORGOD, he’s repackaged his music that now brings together the best he has to offer as an artist, heard quite splendidly on his new genre-bending single “Meek Will.”

On the track, there’s crushing guitar parts and pulsating drums as well as Bhise’s soaring vocals. ISCREAMFORGOD then catches you off guard as he suddenly switches to a synth-based beat and begins to rap over it before finally showcasing his growling skills towards the end of the song. Talking about “Meek Will,” he says, “If God was a fitness coach and I was his student, this song is probably a conversation between us. Accept miseries with gratitude, heal the wounds with positive affirmations and always trust the process.” The song was produced by Bhise and recorded at his home studio while Bengaluru sound engineer Aniruddh Betigeri mixed and mastered it.

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Speaking about fitness coaches, Bhise is one himself and has been busy giving virtual classes to people ever since COVID-19 broke out. “It started out as a service that I was willing to give to my friends to help them stay active during the lockdown, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that there is a big demand for such a service,” he says. Next on his agenda is a five-track EP called WARSHIP which will include “Meek Will.” Bhise says, “I am so excited to put the rest of the tape out.”

Watch the video for “Meek Will” and stream the song on other platforms

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