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Hear Young Producer Ankith Gupta’s Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Collab Album with Rapper Dank Sinat₹a

‘The Inconstant’ features several guests across 11 tracks

Anurag Tagat Apr 28, 2021

Chennai-based producer Ankith Gupta and Bengaluru-based producer Dank Sinatra team up on 'The Inconstant.' Photos: Courtesy of the artist

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Chennai-based 17-year-old Ankith Gupta has so far had a more than eager approach to production, releasing 45 songs and three EPs and now a full-length album in the span of under two years. Following the global success of his collab-heavy song “7500” in 2020, Gupta has collaborated with Bengaluru-based rapper Dank Sinat₹a aka Chidambaram Palianappan and a host of other producers, vocalists and instrumentalists throughout the 11-track The Inconstant, which released last month.

Gupta says in a statement about the album, “What I enjoy most about collaboration is finding a way to elevate an artist’s signature style through a fresh approach.” With The Inconstant, the duo aim to “amalgamate old and new schools of the genre” with shimmering, chill hip-hop as well as trap and more. “Our influences included J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D, Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak, and the sub-genres we delved into were lo-fi, hype and chill hop. The album is truly an experience: a journey into the highs and lows of a creative psyche.”

Dank, who is also part of bilingual hip-hop duo Kaccheri Boys, digs into internal monologues and “emotional experiences through his youth.” Seemingly spouting worldly wisdom about self-acceptance (“The Contentment”), Dank also gets into party mode on “Alive,” featuring a chorus from vocalists Bhargavi Iyer and Vandita Narayan, plus shimmering guitar work from Amithav Gautham. The buoyant vibe carries forward on “BFAM,” featuring rapper Mad Mic. aka Krishnan Unni, as well as the interlude “Happy Drunk.” The lo-fi sound comes out strongest on “BORED” and “Restricted,” aided by singers Mary Ann Alexander and Andrea Kristin, respectively.

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Meanwhile, Dank teams up with Kaccheri Boys mate Dr. G aka Bharath G on “Indecis,” bringing out Eminem-inspired flows over swirling, dreamy production. It’s a smooth album overall, marking an important milestone for the young producer who’s already ambitiously found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with “7500.”

Listen to ‘The Inconstant’ below.

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