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HOM Records
[Four stars]

Rolling Stone IN May 10, 2010

Naysayers who claim that there is no “scene” as far as Indian rock is concerned, would do well to listen to this one. Jannat ”“ the debut from singer-songwriter Ankur Tewari ”“ is easily one of the best Indian albums so far this year. Tewari wears many hats besides the one he is usually spotted in ”“ he’s a scriptwriter, director, actor, among other things ”“ and this album, similarly, explores a lot of different sounds. So there’s the title track, which alternates hushed verses with a soaring chorus. And then, there is the album-opening ”˜Chand Chahiye’ which starts off with muted arpeggios before Tewari’s warm vocals and sparkling guitars enter the mix, to be followed soon by a bouncy reggae beat. ”˜Bekhabar,’ on the other hand, is a flamenco-flavoured lovelorn ballad (some great guitaring on this one, by Xain). ”˜Shehar Mein’ is a bright and upbeat track, and ”˜Tujhe Jaane Bina’ is a lullaby-ish love song.

While it would be easy to look at Jannat as only another uncomplicated pleasant-sounding album, that would be being grossly unfair ”“ to yourself. For, then, you would be missing out on its sheer brilliance. Listen carefully and you will discover beautifully-written songs meeting a meticulously-produced sound. Jannat is right up there with Swarathma and the Raghu Dixit Project’s self titled albums, which are amongst my favourite Indian albums of recent years.

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Key Tracks: ”˜Jannat,’ ”˜Chand Chahiye,’ ”˜Tujhe Jaane Bina’

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