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Anoushka Delivers an Assertive Debut With ‘Song of the Seas’

The Mumbai-based singer-songwriter has also released a classy video with the track

David Britto Sep 15, 2021

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anoushka. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anoushka Sivasankar – who goes by her first name – recalls that her earliest memories with music are of her using a deodorant can as a mic while tunes from bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Eagles surrounded her. She says, “Performing at various events was an outlet for my creative juices; coupled with songwriting which, for me, has always been a cathartic experience.” Now, Anoushka is ready to share her songwriting with the world in the shape of her exquisite soft rock debut single, “Song of the Seas.”

Inspired by the Biblical narrative of Moses parting the sea, it serves as the track’s principal imagery and is used as “a metaphor for one’s own life.” With a tight groove and synth parts holding the song down, Anoushka adds to the magic with her silky vocal performance as a soulful guitar solo elevates the track while mellifluous layered harmonies create a stirring listen.  

Anoushka says, “’Song of the Seas’ would be the anthem that one would march ahead to, whilst encountering the seas of turbulence in their lives. Its ferocity embodies taking a leap of faith and going for what you love. Simply put, it’s history used to make history.” The singer-songwriter recorded and produced the track herself at her home studio during the lockdown while drummer Shlok Chiplunkar and guitarist Shivam Kale added their parts in remotely. Sound engineer Hanosh Khan mixed and mastered the track.

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There’s also a striking music video – directed by Siddharth Ahuja and Hritik Punjabi – released by the artist that sees her dressed to the nines, performing the track around Mumbai. According to her, music is an audio-visual experience. She adds, “The addition of visuals to a song is analogous to converting a house into a home.” With “Song of the Seas” now out of the way, Anoushka is keen on sharing more music in the next couple of months. While she counts herself as a genre-fluid artist, the musician tells us that her upcoming release will incorporate elements of jazz and pop. She says, “It is my mantra to have my listeners expect the unexpected.”

Watch the music video for “Song of the Seas” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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