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Antemasque Thrash Around in Live Video for ‘In the Lurch’

Former Mars Volta members get energetic in grainy video

Catie Keck Oct 03, 2014

Antemasque, the new project from former members of The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In, continue to prep for the official release of their debut album with a live video of their prog-rock track “In the Lurch,” to which Flea contributed earlier this year. Obscured slightly by the band’s signature logo, frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala, guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López, bassist (and Omar’s brother) Marfred Rodriquez-Lopez and drummer Dave Elitch jam in an energetic, grainy grayscale video that breathes new life into the band’s punk leanings.

 Rodríguez-López produced the video, which was shot in August during the band’s west coast tour. Their debut LP, Antemasque, was self-released earlier this year on Rodríguez-López’s label Nadie Sound and available for purchase through Bandcamp before being pulled from the site. The band is slated to re-release the album in October.

In addition to his collaborations on early Mars Volta tracks, Flea has contributed bass lines to numerous Antemasque singles, sparking rumors that he was a confirmed member of the band. In response, Flea tweeted, “Woke to find out I’m in a new supergroup. Hahahaha. Played on some tracks a few weeks ago with my friends Omar and Cedric for love that[‘s] all.”

The group will embark on a world tour beginning October 2nd in Antwerp, Belgium, crossing through Europe, Mexico, and North America before ending their first leg on November 16th in Chicago. They’ll hit the road again in 2015 for select dates in Japan and Australia.

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