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Hear Composer Anurag Saikia Meld Prog and Assamese Folk on ‘Kukuha’

The mind behind the music for web series ‘Panchayat’ and films like ‘Thappad’ and ‘Article 15’ has released his first song with a collective

Anurag Tagat Aug 20, 2020

Music composer Anurag Saikia. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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While he’s been primarily known (and feted with a National Award) for his work in films such as Thappad, Yugadrashta and Article 15, Assamese composer Anurag Saikia has always had his eye on creating his own music. He says, “Every creator wants to create something, or try to create something that belongs to himself. That is why and how this idea of collaborating through Anurag Saikia Collective took place.”

In a true show of range, he kickstarted “Project Borgeet” to showcase more orchestral and cinematic styles but hones in on a prog-fusion sound with the Collective’s first single “Kukuha.” Sung by Shankuraj Konwar and featuring lyrics by Rahul Gautam Sharma, Saikia even calls on the likes of prog band Silver Tears’ guitarist Ishan Das for riffs and sound design. “This entire project is like finding a tiny but cozy space for ourselves while we all roam around across professional commitments and spending nights of the luxurious beds of transient success,” Saikia says.

Offered with an animated video that dives deep into metaphors, “Kukuha” invokes everything from what Saikia calls “Hamletic dilemmas” to poet Robert Frost to Indian mythology epic Mahabharata in the lyrics. Saikia adds, “The lyrics talks about the haunting late night hours where one talks with himself in solitude. This confrontation with our sense of belongingness is very tough. Even though tough, there is a life that exists even at the darkest hours.”

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The song also features Silver Tears drummer Nawaz Hussain, sessions bassist Vivian D’Souza and synth/keyboardist Anubhav Gogoi. In a bid to keep things as diverse as possible, the Anurag Saikia Collective will pivot yet again for their next single. Saikia says, “The second song of the project is a Tamil song which is completely different from ‘Kukuha’ in every other aspect. I want every project to be a different realization altogether.”

Watch the video for “Kukuha” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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