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Apache Indian Announces India Tour

The Don Rajah plans to showcase his soundsystem Karmasound as part of his 2013 tour

Rolling Stone India Feb 06, 2013
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Apache Indian

In February 2011, Steven Kapur better known as Apache Indian made a  nostalgia-fuelled, not-so-in-form comeback when he brought his 90s hits “Arranged Marriage”, “Chok There” and “Boom Shack-A-Lak” to stage. This month, he returns for a four-city tour (more cities to be added) and hopes to showcase his recent calling as a DJ. This means Apache won’t be taking as much to the microphone, which is just as well.  “I love that the reggae and Sound System movement has grown over recent years across India. I grew up with the sound system culture in my hometown Handsworth, Birmingham. I wouldn’t even be in the music business if it wasn’t for this influence,” says Apache in an email interview referring to the Jamaican group set up including DJs and rappers that has impacted his music.

Fans who attended the concert two years ago may remember being completely thrown off by the artist’s mantra-chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” spell, when he decided to debut his new material. A lot of this is likely to return to stage this time around if we have to take Apache’s word for it. This time, the artist will bring more fresh tunes as he performs songs from his recently released album It Is What It Is (IIWII). “I will be performing in a sound system style on this tour. My sound is called Karmasound, so get ready for it,” he adds.

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 Apache India Tour Dates:

February 22nd, 2013”” Canvas, Mumbai feat Low Rhyderz

February 23rd, 2013”” CounterCulture, Bengaluru feat Low Rhyderz

March 1st, 2013”” Raasta, New Delhi feat Reggae Rajahs

March 2nd”” 10 Lounge, Hyderabad  feat Dakta Dub

For other details, log on here 

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