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Apoorva Brings Her ‘Pisces Energy’ To Life

The new track follows the Bengaluru artist’s 2020 debut single ‘I got you but you can’t be mine’

David Britto Apr 19, 2021

Bengaluru artist Apoorva. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After releasing her debut single “I got you but you can’t be mine” last year, Bengaluru singer-songwriter/producer Apoorva Michelle – who goes by her first name – began juggling college as well as working on new music. Recently, the artist dropped her bouncy and fizz-filled new single “Pisces Energy.”

Due to the pandemic, Apoorva grew frustrated and upset with the situation around. She says, “Most activities came to a standstill which made me realize like I was stuck in a feeling I couldn’t get out of.” Writing “Pisces Energy” was the musician’s answer for her to break free from the endless loop of being trapped at home. On the song itself, Apoorva says, “It is a compilation of my thoughts and feelings, my lifestyle, how I look at things, basically my perspective.” She adds, “It was an attempt to rise up from the negativity and move myself away from all the toxicity that was harboring within me and around me.” With the singer-songwriter’s zodiac being a water sign, she felt that Pisces was the right way to go about the title. “Welcoming a sense of freshness and a rebirth of myself and those around,” she says.

Sonically, “Pisces Energy” includes freestyle elements and Afro beats as well as slick harmonies from the singer. Apoorva collaborated with producer Pixl on the song. The pair communicated online and although they came across technical issues such as lags during the process, the vocalist says, “Irrespective of issues of these sorts we decided we had to make it work.” On working with Pixl, she says, “He is extremely open to new ideas and experimenting with unfamiliar genres.” With a bunch of half-written songs in store, the duo is also considering putting together an EP in the future.

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While an EP is not something Apoorva wants to rush into, she’s keener on fine-tuning her sound and experimenting with newer genres. She says, “I want to make sure I have the right choices while moving ahead and putting out an EP.” In addition to pursuing a degree in Western Classical Music, Psychology and English Literature, Apoorva also has an eye on fashion. “During this lockdown, I’ve been actively engaging with small independent clothing businesses with the sole aim of gaining them some recognition,” says the artist.

For now, the singer-songwriter is concentrating on working on her music production chops and wants to focus on releasing more singles. With her degree taking up most of her time, she says, “I actively engage in Western Classical training and am working on my repertoire which includes works of Beethoven, Dvorak, Bach, Mozart. With my main focus on my studies, I’m in a constant engagement.”

Stream “Pisces Energy” below:


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