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Are K-pop’s ‘It Couple’ HyunA and DAWN Engaged?

Rumors of wedding bells have surrounded the megastar duo ever since they first revealed their relationship in 2018–is this finally the real deal?

Riddhi Chakraborty Feb 03, 2022

DAWN [L] and HyunA in a promotional image for their collaborative album, '1+1=1.' Photo: Courtesy of PNATION

Earlier this evening, K-pop stars HyunA and DAWN sent the Internet into a tizzy after posting videos of them wearing matching rings. DAWN went first, posting a clip of both artists’ left hands with the ring fingers adorned with identical glimmering, opalescent rings. The caption read ‘Marry me,’ and HyunA soon reposted the video with the answer, ‘Of course yes,’ seemingly accepting the proposal. The couple also both posted photographs of the rings in their respective blue and pink cases on their individual Instagram accounts.

While all social media timelines have exploded in joyous celebration, HyunA and DAWN’s label PNATION has yet to confirm or deny the news. Engagement rumors have surrounded the couple ever since they were first revealed to be in a relationship, and this is not the first time the two have donned matching rings. However this time, things might be legit and fans are beyond thrilled.

The duo set the standard for normalizing idols dating and refused to be silenced when it came to their relationship– in 2018, HyunA independently revealed to the press that she and DAWN had been together since 2016. Their stand led to their ousting from their former label Cube Entertainment, but broke barriers in K-pop’s staunch ‘no dating’ atmosphere–a trailblazing move in an industry that often penalizes K-pop stars for having personal lives. With the support from millions of fans around the globe, both artists then signed with “Gangnam Style” superstar PSY’s label, PNATION, in 2019. HyunA and DAWN’s relationship launched powerful conversations around the world about respecting artists’ personal lives and the rather toxic ‘cult marketing’ technique K-pop companies use to promote idols. 

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HyunA and DAWN have since gone on to drop solo releases as well as the 2021 collaborative EP, 1+1=1 and its hit lead single “Ping Pong,” which ranked Number 14 on Rolling Stone India‘s ‘21 Best Korean Music Videos of 2021′ list. The vibrant duo are known for their colorful, sultry and avant-garde brand of artistry and both of them are deeply involved in the songwriting, production and conceptualization process of their albums. Post 2018, HyunA and DAWN have refused to hide their relationship and don’t shy away from posting photos with each other on social media, participating in ad campaigns together and even kissing onstage during live performances–a rarity when it comes to K-pop couples.

In addition to their releases via PNATION, HyunA and DAWN have previously collaborated on the project group Triple H alongside DAWN’s former Pentagon bandmate, Hui.


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