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Rapper-Producer Duo Arshaq Malik and 47K Reveal a Murky Dystopia in ‘Yung KK’ Animated Video

Bengaluru designer and animator Preran Rai conjures a world of an anti-hero cat and cyborg babies

Anurag Tagat Oct 22, 2020

A still from Arshaq Malik and 47K's new EP 'Yung KK.' Art: Preran Rai

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South Indian rapper and producer duo Arshaq Malik and Deva aka 47K have brought the heat on every release ever since they put out their debut collaborative record Joint Custody in 2019. The latest from the duo is their biggest leap yet — a three-track audio visual EP called Yung KK, set in a apocalyptic future where oxygen is a toxic resource and the titular anthropomorphized cat is badass to the bone.

Teaming up with Bengaluru-based animation artist and visual designer Preran Rai, the three worked on Yung KK over the span of nearly 10 months, with songs and sonic ideas being sent across for the animated storyline. Rai seemingly draws from early 2000s cartoon shows, noir visual aesthetics and more, matching up to Malik’s gruff, angsty delivery as well as 47K’s shapeshifting sonics that includes obscure samples and imposingly noisy beats.

The duo states that video shows how “the wealthy and influential” of this dystopian future are part of a thriving underground civilization. The statement adds, “The poor suffer on the grimy streets of the surface. Our anti-hero, KK is a villainous cat that smuggles oxygen from the underground and sells it to the surface-dwellers for a quick buck as he pieces together his master plan. Stealing babies, building giant robots and spreading absolute havoc, Yung KK is the archetype of a classic cartoon supervillain.” Come for the bizarre, action-packed plot, stay for the cheeky references and a twist ending.

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Watch the video for “Yung KK” here. Stream the EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

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