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Artists To Watch Out For: Oozeundat

The Pune electronica duo on their dark, grimy new sound

Jessica Kilbane Dec 09, 2014
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WHO: Most upcoming producers have a few things in common ”“ wide-eyed excitement, short-lived inspiration and a hard drive full of unfinished tracks. For Pune electronica duo Oozeundat, there’s a little more than that. Quickly realizing their potential as collaborators, Roan Sable and Sidhant Naren began sharing stems and ideas in 2011. The two of them began to building a repertoire of techno beats that have gained the attention of labels such as MakTub and Black Swan . Says Sable, “When we started out, we were making music for ourselves. But now when we make music, our goal is to lock the crowd into a groove.”

SOUND: In February this year, Oozeundat released their debut EP Bitch To Quit, a three-track experiment that mixed loops, glitches and ambient sounds to create dark, spindly arrangements. Says Sable, “If I had to describe it, our music is dark, obscure and industrial. Everything is about the groove.” Oozeundat are known for their upbeat blend of techno, house and synth waves. Says Naren, “Throughout the week, we’re thinking, downloading, consolidating, listening. When we’re going to a gig, we just know the first track that we’re going to play because we want to take the audience on a journey, we want to twist and turn with them.”

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BIG BREAK: Performing at Blue Frog, Mumbai at Arjun Vagale’s Re:Focus event in February last year led Oozeundat to a contract with the celebrated techno producer’s label, Unmute. By the end of the year, Sable and Naren were performing regularly at gigs and festivals across the country and playing alongside notable international acts such as Iranian-American house producer Dubfire, Belgian techno DJ Marco Bailey and British breakbeat/house producer James Zabiela.

ON THE CARDS: After their last performance in Hyderabad, Oozeundat will prep for a B2B set with Mumbai tech house producer Qwiver at RESET in Chennai on December 13th. Says Sable, speaking about the upcoming gig, “We’re really dedicated to giving the crowd an experience. It’s going to be different minds coming together, collaborating with each other for an hour and a half, pushing each other and figuring each other out on the go.” Oozeundat also have a slew of upcoming releases in the pipeline, most notably a new track slated to release in January via Cologne-based techno label Traum Schallplatten.


Listen to “Waste No Time” by Oozeundat:


Oozeundat will perform at Unmute and Phoenix Live’s traveling electronica showcase RESET on December 13th at the Confluence Convention Center, Chennai

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