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Ashwin-Nishith Release Debut Single ‘Yeh Pal’

Previously associated with metallers Demonic Resurrection and Albatross, bassist-producer Ashwin Shriyan and guitarist-vocalist Nishith Hegde talk about their turn to pop

Anurag Tagat Jun 05, 2020

Artwork for Ashwin-Nishith's debut single "Yeh Pal."

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It wouldn’t be fair to call Ashwin Shriyan and Nishith Hegde former metallers, but the guitarist-bassist and producer duo have been wandering into newer territory since 2016. Both previously part of extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection and instrumental band The Minerva Conduct (and Hegde was also part of heavy metal band Albatross), their new project Ashwin-Nishith arguably took root when they began performing with Bollywood artists about four years ago.

Shriyan says when he began listening to pop music in 2015, he took a liking to “how simple yet catchy the music is, how there’s an art behind the whole thing.” He adds, “After playing in the Bollywood scene, I developed a liking for Hindi music too. I do like to take things from different genres and infusing it into one style, that was kind of the idea with this project.” Hegde and Shriyan have previously toured with Bollywood and commercial artists such as Amit Mishra, Akasa Singh, Jonita Gandhi and more, but the guitarist and singer says this is the first time they’re working for their own selves.

“Yeh Pal” is easy on the ears, with electronic arrangements going over clever and bright guitar lines and Hegde’s sublime vocals, crooning about living in the moment. Although he’s never sang on previous projects, Hegde comes from a family of singers and credits Shriyan for pushing him to explore singing.

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The glimmering pop song could have as well been part of a movie soundtrack, but the duo were keen to put something out independently. Hegde says with a chuckle, “This is the first time we’re doing something for our own vision. We thought it was high time we did this, because we’ve done too much stuff for other people.”

What is also clear in the duo’s mind is that they’re writing music that’s “easily accessible to a mass audience” and will make them new fans. Shriyan adds, “Of course there will be some rock stuff, but it won’t be the slamming, djenty metal stuff. There are a couple of songs that have that rock ballad sort of vibe, but let’s see.” With one more track also ready to go, Ashwin-Nishith are just testing the waters at the moment but steadfast in their resolve to write for themselves first.

Listen to “Yeh Pal” below. Stream on Spotify, JioSaavn and Apple Music.

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