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Assamese Singer-Songwriter Sampriti Dastidar Debuts With R&B Laced Single ‘Endhaar’

The musician says, ‘I wanted to give it a R&B feel because I felt like the Assamese music industry would appreciate the sound’

David Britto Feb 09, 2021

Assam-bred singer-songwriter Sampriti Dastidar. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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From an early age, Assam-bred and now Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sampriti Dastidar had a passion for the arts. After training in Indian Classical vocals, Dastidar became President of the acapella music society while attending college at Miranda House, University of Delhi. She says, “Arranging the piece and conducting the group made me realize I wanted to take music seriously.”

Once Dastidar found her feet in Mumbai, she began performing with a bunch of musicians from the city while also landing a gig aboard a cruise line where she collaborated with artists from around the world as well as Mumbai glam rockers Overhung’s guitarist Howard Pereira. Now, after posting cover videos online, the musician is out with her debut offering, the slick R&B track titled “Endhaar.”

Dastidar harks back to her roots by penning the new song in Assamese. Written during the lockdown last year, the musician says, “It was a way to calm my mind and convince it that someday it’ll all be over [the pandemic] and I’ll release the track and perform again.” She adds, “This chain of thought helped me get through those times and made me realize how bad I want to keep creating and giving it out to the world.” Laced with R&B textures, “Endhaar” incorporates invigorating guitar licks, a tight groove, Dastidar’s polished vocals and more. “It became a song about loneliness, insecurity and most importantly, of finding hope in the darkest of days,” says the artist.

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“Endhaar” was recorded at Guwahati’s Lucid Recess Studio while musicians Sumon Saikia and Sunny Mahant arranged the track. It was mixed and mastered by Priyanku Bordoloi.

With a music video for the song already out, Dastidar is now planning ahead and wants to release more material this year. The singer-songwriter is also keen on adding visual elements to her live sets. She says, “So that the audience can understand and enjoy my music better.”

Watch the music video for “Endhaar” below and stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music

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