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ATEEZ Raise a Glass to Themselves in the New Video for ‘Answer’

The eight-member group mark their first comeback of the year with a dark, Latin pop-tinged offering

Riddhi Chakraborty Jan 06, 2020
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ATEEZ made their first comeback of 2020 today with the new EP Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, the final part of the Treasure series, the ongoing concept the group debuted with in October 2018 with Treasure EP 1: All To Zero. The release was accompanied by the lead single “Answer” and follows ATEEZ’s full studio album Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action which dropped in October 2019.

“Answer” is an audio-visual sum-up of ATEEZ’s journey thus far, referencing all their previous lead singles including “Say My Name,” “Wave” and “Illusion,” “Hala Hala” and “Pirate King.” The group look back on the various moments of triumph in their artistry, referencing concepts from each past comeback. For example the desert set seems to be a symbol for “Treasure” and “Pirate King,” while there are scenes which bring back the ‘dark’ ATEEZ clad in all black from “Hala Hala.” Most of the video however focuses on the group’s powerful choreography until finally, the eight members face their ‘darker’ alter egos from “Hala Hala” once more, this time with both sides seated opposite each other at an opulent dining table. As the two versions of Hongjoong (the leader of ATEEZ) bring their glasses together in a toast, everything seems to finally be at a balance. The video ends on an ominous note however, as a masked figure dressed all in white walks through the same dining room, now completely in disarray–perhaps a hint at the next era?

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The lyrics of “Answer” encourage fans to turn to ATEEZ in times of despair; “Call, call, call us right now/As loud as you can be heard anywhere in the world/Burn like a flame.” The lyricism also shows that despite their meteoric success all through 2019, ATEEZ have not forgotten how they began their career back in October 2019: “The desert/With nothing/We started there.” In terms of sound,  the track delivers a dark, Latin pop flavor with blends of trap and hip-hop. The melody is interjected with pretty spectacular moments of adlibs, high notes and harmonies from the vocal line who absolutely own this song. Vocalist San wowed audiences at the Golden Disk Awards in Korea with his opening verse to “Answer” on January 4th, when ATEEZ performed the track live for the first time.

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