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American electronica producer Audien: “Karsh Kale is the Best”

With his debut tour of India around the corner, we tell you why 22-year-old producer Nate Rathbun is a must-see

Jessica Kilbane Aug 20, 2014
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With the electronica scene world over teeming with producers who are barely of legal age to step into a club, the ”˜catch ”˜em young’ trend seems to have picked up at both clubs and festivals. Twenty-two-year-old American electronica producer Nate Rathbun aka Audien belongs to this pack of young EDM producers. Beginning his career in 2009 at what he calls a shady warehouse gig, Rathbun has gone on to perform at Europe’s top electronica festival Tomorrowland and caught the attention of top DJs such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren [whom Rathbun cites as an idol] and British electronic group Above & Beyond.

Rathbun first made waves with his single “Rise & Shine,” which was released on Dutch producer Ferry Corsten’s label Flashover Recordings. Since then, the producer has released singles on numerous labels including Tiësto’s label Black Hole Recordings, van Buuren’s label Armada Music, among others. His sound is a blend of progressive house, electro house and trance, though Rathbun mentions that he now “blends genres more” and is influenced by rock, jazz and hip-hop.

The producer, who has marked off every big club in the world ”“ from Pacha in New York and Ministry of Sound in London to Ushuaia in Ibiza ”“ will perform this weekend in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Indore. We had a quick-fire round of questions with Rathbun about his live shows, favorite songs and everything else in between.

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What music do you love that would surprise people?
I love hip hop! Nas was in the crowd for one of my shows in New York ”“ that was amazing.

You make a living out of being a DJ?
I compose, produce, and perform music. I’m also a professional airplane passenger.

What is an Audien groupie like?
Musically sophisticated [laughs]

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Armin Van Buuren. Eventually I’d get to play shows with him, and have tracks on his label. It’s pretty surreal.

What was the best record in your parents’ collection?
Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

What is something you’d like to accomplish before your next birthday?
I plan on headlining my own North American tour!

What is the strangest place you’ve heard your own music?
I’ve had a couple incidents on an airplane where the passenger next to me is listening to one of my tracks on his laptop, with no idea I am sitting right beside him.

What is the craziest thing that’s happened at one of your gigs?
Governors Island in New York this summer ”“ the power went out in the middle of my set, not just on stage, but for the entire island! We had to wait a half hour to get a back-up generator going. The crowd couldn’t have been cooler ”“ they waited patiently ”“ and when I started back up, they went absolutely nuts!

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Describe your worst ever gig.
One of my first! I performed at a warehouse in Providence, Rhode Island in 2010. The show wasn’t exactly legal and the neighbors called the police to complain about the noise. When they showed up to arrest the organizer of the party, I ran out the back door carrying my CDs”¦ just managed to get out.

What is your favorite track right now?
My stand out this year is Galantis ”“ “You”

Have you heard any Indian electronica?
I’m down with all kinds of Indian music ”“ Karsh Kale is the best!


Can you name a few tracks that you’ll be including in your set?
My hits! “Leaving You,” “Serotonin” and “Iris” for sure.


Audien India Tour

August 22nd – Kitty Su, New Delhi

August 23rd – Royal Orchid, Bengaluru

August 24th – 02, Indore


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