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Awolnation To Release Sophomore Album ‘Run’

A follow-up to the American electronic rock band’s breakthrough debut is a heady concoction of rock, punk and synth-pop

Jessica Kilbane Feb 12, 2015
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Aaron Bruno of Awolnation | Photo by: Kari Rowe

Aaron Bruno of Awolnation | Photo by: Kari Rowe

“Motherfucker, I’ll be back from the dead soon,” screams Awolnation’s frontman Aaron Bruno on their latest single “Howling Moon (Bad Wolf).” The American electronic rock band, whose wildly popular track “Sail” won them millions of fans across the world, nominations at every major award show and a reputation as a one hit wonder, are back. Haters aside, the Los Angeles band have spent the last year in the studio and are ready to deliver their highly anticipated second album Run. Says Bruno, “I take one step at a time. I can’t wait for the record to come out, I’m so proud of it and I hope people will enjoy it. It’s going to shock a lot of people, hopefully in a good way.”

We ask Bruno whether the success of 2011’s Megalithic Symphony left the band torn between the pressure to produce another massive album and the opportunities that it gave them access to, his answer is conflicted. He says, “I think that’s a good question and I could answer it both ways.  It would be silly to say it got in the way, but it definitely pushed me harder than ever before and made it more difficult to turn in another record. With this record, there are millions of people who have heard the first record and have been waiting for the new one and wondering what it’s going to sound like. It’s a different kind of feeling, one that I always wanted my whole life, and now that I have it, it’s pretty scary.” Bruno, who has previously been a member of lesser known groups such as post-grunge band Home Town Hero and indie rock band Under the Influence of Giants, says that Run has challenged him at every step and given him room to scratch every artistic itch. Adds Bruno, “I’ve only ever made debut albums; I’ve never made a sophomore album or follow up records. But I think knowing that we have a very loyal fan base gave me the freedom to make the record that I wanted to without having to chase any sort of commercial success.”

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Continuing their experimentation with acoustic instruments and electronica, Awolnation deliver a much more introspective set of songs. Run is nine-track collection that features tracks such as “Drinking Lightning,” “Fat Face” and “Jailbreak.” Says Bruno, “I’ve matured as a songwriter and lyricist as well, and this record is about facing fears head on and tackling the age old questions of what life’s all about, what happiness is and just human emotions.” The band, which comprises Kenny Carkeet on keyboards and rhythm guitar, Drew Stewart on lead guitar, newcomer Isaac Carpenter on drums and Bruno on vocals, synthesizer, drums, percussion, keyboards, guitar and piano, have used the last year to hone their understanding of the kind of music people love. Adds Bruno, “I was allowed to make this record with a tunnel vision focus. I was in a vulnerable place when I was writing and recording this record, I put a lot of pressure on myself to try to be the very best I could be.”

Awolnation will follow the release of Run with a world tour that covers the United States, Switzerland, Austria and more. Says Bruno, “We were asked to play a show in India a few winters ago, but we weren’t able to go. But that would be a dream come true, it’s not a place that everybody gets to go.”

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Watch Awolnation’s video for “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf):”

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