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Axl Rose Talks New Music, Possible Memoir in Rare Interview

“I’ve played some stuff for Slash and Duff and they liked it,” Guns N’ Roses singer says

Kory Grow Jun 09, 2016
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Axl Rose said in a new interview that the touring, classic-era lineup of Guns N’ Roses has already considered working on new music. “I’ve got a lot of stuff together, and I played some stuff for Slash and Duff, and they liked it,” Rose continued. “They might be on [the recordings]. We don’t know.”

The singer participated in a wide-ranging, nearly hour-long chat with Sir David Tang at London’s China Exchange earlier this week, also answering questions from fans. The reclusive singer covered everything from his ongoing tour fronting AC/DC to the current state of Guns N’ Roses. Sahir Khan, an attendee at the event, recorded the chat and blogged a summary.

Staying on the topic of music, Rose also offered that he’d been in talks about making new music with the AC/DC camp. “Angus [Young] and I talked about working together,” he said. “So we’ll see.”

The frontman also revealed that he is considering writing an autobiography. The only thing holding him back is the politics that come with writing about the other founding members of GN’R. “It’s tough because I haven’t figured out how to word things in a way that doesn’t just look like I’m being negative to everybody else and calling them a liar,” the singer said in a new interview. “Slash and I hadn’t talked in 19 years, and when we did talk, I was, like, ‘You wrote a lot of stuff that didn’t even happen. It’s not real.'” He did not address what he saw as lies.

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In the rest of the interview, Rose discussed why he joined up with AC/DC, his interest in possibly working on a film soundtrack, his views on streaming music services and his diverse musical taste.


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