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B.R.E.E.D’s Debut Album ‘Binate’ Hits Multiple Charts On Beatport and Addictech

The album snags spots on glitch hop, electronica, drum & bass and EDM charts on the online electronica music portals

Rolling Stone India Jan 17, 2014
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Final Art -BINATE

After his long hiatus and relocation to the US since February 2013, Los Angeles-based Indian producer Ritesh D’Souza aka B.R.E.E.D just released his first full length debut album Binate, on January 6th. Less than a week post his release, the album hit multiple charts on online DJ/electronica music portal and store Beatport and Addictech. Says D’Souza, “We’ve been looking every day on charts and the stuff people are posting, and it’s kinda blowing up on the West Coast scene right now. We just saw it up yesterday in the morning and it’s amazing. My tracks have hit Beatport top 10 before but for an entire album to go on so many charts is pretty incredible for us.” The album and its tracks have hit number three on glitch hop, number 10 on electronica and number 71 on the overall EDM charts on Beatport. Apart from that, the album topped the top new album releases for January last week on online electronic music portal Additech, where it currently holds the second spot.

D’Souza, who started out as a house DJ called Nasha, began producing dubstep as B.R.E.E.D in 2010. But Binate is a blend of various genres which D’Souza calls “soul motion funk.” D’Souza elaborates, “There’s like glitch hop and basically different kinds of tempos in it along with song writing. It’s different. It’s kind of like orchestrated bass music with vocals, piano, orchestration with violins and cinematic stuff, which is why the album is called Binate, as it is the coming together of the soul and digital side.” The vocals on the album are credited to regular collaborator and wife, Tara Mae, with Manoj George on the violin. The album’s title track “Binate” and the album closer “Just A Feeling” are a preview to D’Souza and Mae’s experimental electronica project, Unbound.  

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D’Souza is yet to throw an official album launch party, although he has been performing around LA, including a headlining set for electro label Bass Cartel in December. He might find time on his upcoming four-city tour across California promoting Binate. The producer adds that there are no fixed dates for the India leg just yet, “I moved to LA last February, so right now my green card process is on. Once I’m done with that, I’ll set up my India tour and I’ll be shuttling between Bombay and LA [to play gigs].”

With a busy year ahead including remixes lined up for artists like contemporary reggae artist Sizzla, EDM producer Stephan Jacobs and electronica producer [also scores music for films] Button Pusher, D’Souza is on a roll.

Listen to Binate here:

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