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BamBam Makes A Dreamy Comeback With ‘Slow Mo’

The single leads the Thai singer-songwriter and rapper’s sophomore EP ‘B’

Divyansha Dongre Jan 18, 2022
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GOT7’s BamBam returns to the spotlight with a breezy, dream-like music video for “Slow Mo.” The single follows the musician’s December 2021 pre-release collaborative single “Who Are You” featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

Co-written by BamBam and Pink Sweat$ (who has also participated in the composition), “Slow Mo” floats over a hypnotic blend of hip hop beats and an indie bass line. Fitting to the track’s title, the composition will instantly put you at ease with its mid-tempo-focused production and BamBam’s rich, breathy vocal performance. While he did a similar vocal performance in “Who Are You,” with “Slow Mo,” BamBam offers his listeners a deeper look into his expressionism, musical personality whilst simultaneously spotlighting his abilities as a vocalist.

Penned down from the point of view of someone wrapped around love, the single opens with the protagonist confessing his love, “Can you feel me still/ My day is completely different/ And I can’t stop thinking about you.” It’s a sweet, innocent take on the after-effects of love, where everything around you seems to slow down; “As we dreamt each other/ My heart resembles yours/ Becoming more vivid as we draw near/ Now we in slow motion.”

In “Slow Mo,” BamBam re-visits visual elements from his solo debut single, “riBBon,” incorporating a soft pastel palette to support the fantasy-inspired concept. From relaxing in a hammock floating in the sky to executing breezy choreographed routines in a fairytale-inspired landscape, BamBam incorporates various sets to communicate the level of comfort and calmness his newfound love affair has ushered in.

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BamBam’s sophomore album B comes seven months after the release of his solo debut EP riBBon. The Thai musician’s latest six-track release also includes the pre-release single “Who Are You” alongside five tracks titled “Intro (Satellite), “Slow Mo,” “Subliminal,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Ride or die.”

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